Marching On

I’m waiting for the bus to head home, standing in snow, when I remember today is the second day of spring. Aaaah spring,….

…when thoughts turn to salt, shovels and snow blowers…?

Snow in spring

Not exactly what one pictures for a spring day, huh?

Yeah, I’m officially over Winter 2017.  Had enough of the lion’s roar, let’s hear some bleating before I start more bleeping.

Today is Day 21 of the March Slice Of Life Story Challenge.
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Not Exactly What I Meant

When I told someone I need to chill this is not exactly what I meant…

tulip buds in snow
…Though it is very representative of my mood right now.

Frosted over, but trying to push through the madness. I seriously chose the wrong year to give up coffee for Lent.


Today is Day 8 of the March Slice Of Life Story Challenge.
Let’s how other are slicing and hopefully doing a better job of chilling out today…

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Spring? Says Who?

The two major buzzwords this weekend> “Spring” and “Snow”. Since Thursday a lot of conversations wrapped around the hope of the First Day of Spring on Sunday and the despair that it was predicted to snow a few inches on Sunday here in New York City. I understand those who have only lived in New York City a few years to not get the weather patterns. Less than ten years? Okay, the weather my still surprise you. But if you have fifteen or mote adult years here, snow in late March is not something unusual, let alone new. For those with twenty-plus years as an adult here have no excuse.

It snowed on the first day of spring two years ago, I have the video. There was not the  amount of complaints on the day of the snow then as there were in the anticipation of it now. For some reason this year many folks were all in a titter and I don’t understand it.

All things considered we’ve had a decent winter this go around, this past winter. But yes, winter is winter and we’re all sick of the cold and were really spoiled by those 70 degree days we had a week ago. I recall times, not ‘the time’ – times, when it snowed in mid-April. Now that is unusual and worthy of grousing.  However, it’s MARCH, this is what happens in March. I’ve found the everything just shy of actual wailing and gnashing of teeth over this impending snow to be simultaneously amusing and enraging.  Enough that I posted the following on my Facebook:


This morning was all blue skies and sunshine, as I walked in the door this evening the snow was just starting. It’s expected to snow throughout the night. I’m mentally preparing my world’s smallest violin motion for all the griping I know will occur tomorrow.  The Lion is certainly winning the bout this weekend, sorry Lamb.


Hopefully my fellow slicers have had more grinning and less griping this weekend:


Day 20 of the 9th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge!  


Springing for More Snow

♫ ♬ On the first day of spring Old Man Winter gave to New York City, more freaking inches of snow! ♫ ♪

Yo Demeter! Give the curmudgeon his exit papers already!


Let’s see how my fellow Slicers are doing on the 20th day of the challenge:


Like Jazz On A Snowy Eve

You walked in as always, someone grand
Full of ego and pride, swagger on display
The tone of my words caused your grin to wane
Releasing myself from you wasn’t planned
But I knew it was right and held my ground

The words once spoken tasted sweet as candy cane
Like summertime as delivered by Coltrane

I know I said goodbye, for that was all left to say
Despite your efforts to get the words all twisted
From the window I watch the receding back of you.
Your snowy footsteps a contrail, as you walk away
Then watched them get erased with a shovel’s scraping

Sometimes letting go is just all you can do
But Miles knows, it’s still just some kind of blue.

And like that it’s as though you never existed
The memory of us already starting to fade
I feel like I should at least want to cry
But my breath on the pane is the only thing misted
And I pour myself a glass, as the witching hour chimes

Snow done falling, staring out at a chilled winter sky
A glass of red ’round midnight, just Thelonious and I


A little etymology here…

The final couplet (the last two lines), is a direct quote of my Facebook status from Saturday. Those two lines inspired this write. I had also promised myself, since I had tried my pen at David James’ Karousel from last week’s FormForAll | Karoulsels and Weaves, that I would finally tackle his Weave form. However, I really like the final couplet so much that I could not bear to separate the lines that inspired it all to fit the form. So, as I am wont to do with forms, and my apologies to David, I compromised. The result you see is a variation on the Weave form. Think of it as adding two extra strands to the pattern. The rhyme scheme here is: abcad cc befbg ff ehiej ii (and so on).

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight Week 81

First Snow

I went to sleep in a foul mood and it has followed me to my waking hours. No, not foul because it denotes anger, I’m not feeling angry. I’m feeling inexplicably… hurt. Okay, maybe not totally inexplicably now that I’ve identified the correct emotion, yet I’m feeling it nonetheless and the weather is not helping in the improvement of it.

I’m staring out of the window watching the first snow of Winter 2011/2012. The artist in me can’t help but admire the pretty, pristine fluffy whiteness as it gently vales. As for the rest of me? I am not happy. It’s still officially early autumn. Snow? In New York City? In October? Any snow after Veteran’s Day but before December gives me pause, but it’s in November so I can accept it, but this? There is something innately wrong with this super early snow fall. Granted, I already know it’s not going to be much of a snow fall and it will melt quickly. Still… It’s snowing and it’s actually sticking to the ground, in October. If this is a sign of what’s to come, I am NOT looking forward to this winter at all.

Looks like it’s going to be a long, quiet weekend inside the house and my thoughts after all.

And I can’t keep holding on
To what you’ve got
When all you’ve got is hurt.

U2 – One