19 comments on “Like Jazz On A Snowy Eve

  1. Dont know the form at all, but I am convinced you more than do it justice. Anything that relates to music will always get my vote. Very enjoyable read, glad I found it.

  2. pretty cool that you took this from your status update…ha…and nicely done to form as well….my breath on the pane is the only thing misted…is a power line for me…you def got the emotion in here as well…nicely done…

  3. I love this, and somehow it’s very cool that your FB status inspired your write. I’m thinking the Miles reference must be to Miles Davis. Great title too!

  4. Wow, this painted quite an image in my head. Really intense. Something about red wine and snow. So vivid and bold contrast. Letting go is never easy. I just wrote about that topic tonight (not poetry) and it seems like one of the most complex concepts but yours words say it so well

    • Red and white is an intense color combination and depending on the shade/tint of red it can take on a myriad of interpretations. Letting go is indeed complex. I’m glad you like my take on it. Thank you Gretchen.

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