17 comments on “Infinite Pens-sibility

  1. haha…i like this…my writing is def a refuge as well…and i like the acknowledgement of letting go of control as well, realizing the pen will often take us places we never expect….i like your rhyme scheme and rhythm as well…

  2. Pens-sibility..ha…i like.. yep, it’s so cool to just let it flow…letting go of control…an escape from everyday life as well for me…nice..

  3. Love the final stanza. Makes me think that time almost stops for a second the second then and paper make contact and then spins out of control. Creative all the way. 🙂

  4. Pen and paper? I don’t like to commit myself so much as that 🙂 It’s pencil and paper for me, always with an eraser handy too.

    I really loved this:

    “Pens hold infinite possibility
    Upon contact with blank sheets of paper”

    It’s those infinite possibilities that we writers are exploring, at our best boldly going “where no-one has gone before.” 🙂

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