Infinite Pens-sibility

My pen’s a stitch of creativity
Against a world of mediocrity
A refuge within the palm of my hand
Whether cursive lines of one leaf’s rustle
Or prose on the weight of madam’s bustle

My pens lodge a dream of nocturnal bliss
Onomatopoeia of a snake’s hiss
All that’s required is my mere command
To push it further than my very best
Even when it looks like a Rorschach test

Equipoise is lost on the muse you see
Control’s illusion gone in a vapor
Pens hold infinite possibility
Upon contact with blank sheets of paper

dverse ~ Poets Pub | Meeting the Bar: Creativity

17 thoughts on “Infinite Pens-sibility

  1. haha…i like this…my writing is def a refuge as well…and i like the acknowledgement of letting go of control as well, realizing the pen will often take us places we never expect….i like your rhyme scheme and rhythm as well…

  2. Pen and paper? I don’t like to commit myself so much as that 🙂 It’s pencil and paper for me, always with an eraser handy too.

    I really loved this:

    “Pens hold infinite possibility
    Upon contact with blank sheets of paper”

    It’s those infinite possibilities that we writers are exploring, at our best boldly going “where no-one has gone before.” 🙂

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