Don’t Think



Don’t think about all the things you fear, just be glad to be here

Eyes meet across a noisy, crowed room
Think long, think wrong it’s just for show.
Fire weds desire, emotions in bloom
Don’t over think the moment just go with the flow.

Whose to say that this mutual attraction,
Is just momentary thrill?
Is this another chance you let go in your lifetime?
Or do you do what you will?

Don’t think about all the things you fear, just be glad to be here

Do you want the comfort of a perfect stranger?
Do you feel you’ve known each other all along?
Do you want safety? Do you want danger?
There is no right or wrong.

‘Cause in the morning you may not care.
‘Cause in the morning you may want it all.
It may not go any further from there.
But if you’re to rise, you’ve first got to fall.

Don’t think about all the things you fear, just be glad to be here

Tomorrow may be joy, the day after sorrow,
Don’t fret about what the Fates will allow.
You’ve only got right now.

Only now.

Don’t think about all the things you fear, just be glad to be here


dVerse ~ Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight  – Week 109

With a  slight nod to FC Kahuna’s “Hayling“.

I Lay Here Waiting

I lay here waiting

Waiting for you to touch me
Lay your hand upon me

Your thoughts utter chaos,
Needing the clarity
That only I can bring

I lay here waiting

As your fingers tap the table
Impatient, frustrated

You know what you need to do
What you need to say
Yet you refuse

I lay here waiting

As near as your heartbeat
As far as your heartache

You stare for a long time
And for a long time see nothing
Your vision blurry with unshed tears

I lay here waiting

Morning shadows from the left
Now late day shadows on my right

But if you would just touch me
Just let one word, just one escape
All the rest will come in a flood of truth

I lay here waiting

For you to put down your pride
For you to pick up your pen

Then pour your heart out
So she’ll let your love in
Instead you stand and walk away

And I lay here waiting,
a letter never to be…


dVerse ~ Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight – Week 119

Each Tick


Each tick of the clock ticks quick,
Leaving me

Trying to make the moments last,
That should have long since slipped away
Trying to stall what will soon be the past
From knocking on my door any coming day

For all the years we’ve cared
Our time together has dwindled
For all the time we’ve shared
I still feel our time was swindled

Each tick of the clock ticks quick,
Leaving me feeling haunted

Within every inch of my soul
With a strength I can’t believe,
I stand here in total control
As I’m watching you leave.

Good-bye does not mean forever,
Or so we tell ourselves so,
But it’s going to be a long time
Before we can smile and say hello.

Each tick of the clock ticks quick,
Leaving me with what I thought I wanted

We’re adults, we made the decision,
At least as far as I can tell.
So why am I unhappy with this division?
When being together was such hell

Surprised I have tears left to cry
For something once never conceived of.
Never thought I’d be saying good-bye.
To someone I still love

Each tick of the clock ticks quick,
Leaving me

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight Week : 103

A Dream Remembered



With one hand on the hexagram and one hand on the girl
I balance on a wishing well that all men call the world.
We are so small between the stars, so large against the sky,
and lost among the subway crowds I try to catch your eye.
‘Stories of the Street” – Leonard Cohen / Songs of Leonard Cohen

I stand here on this dirty stoop and watch the world go by
A sense of the familiar comes, but I can’t figure why
These walls of my horizon cannot touch the clear blue sky
Of the home of my childhood, with its vistas wide and green
The thought to even compare such, to me is just obscene
Yet the feeling weighs upon me, a slow careful unfurl
Like this star that’s drawn among all the writing on the wall
How it matches the pendant of this sweet thing I recall
The thoughts weave through my muddled mind, as timelines start to swirl
With one hand on the hexagram and one hand on the girl

In the middle of this day, I’m taken back to that night
Though it’s a sweet, sweet memory, I know it’s not quite right
The strong sense of euphoria, of happiness, of light
It wraps itself around me, a feeling I can’t shake yet
Like that lingering dampness after being cold and wet
I wait for it to come, a new wisdom to be pearled
With the magic of the city from a secret wand thrown
I blend into the dankness, one of the many unknown
Just another cast off penny, with a final wish hurled
I balance on a wishing well that all men call the world

You pass me as I stand here, suddenly it all makes sense
All the odd and wild sensations that held me in suspense.
Memories of homeland, pummel me with force intense
You don’t say a single word, but I feel it in my core
I somehow know you’re now my home, and yet you’re so much more
This sprawling festering city seems small with an ally
You’re a dream remembered; details forgotten start to gel
I watch you sink from view, as you descend to subway hell
Where a man’s dream of the world comes in such a small supply
We are so small between the stars, so large against the sky

But this dream was meant to be, once I gazed upon your face
A gentle whiff of homeland, in this god-forsaken place
The familiar in the unknown – what you bring to my space
But first I have to woo you, let you know, we’re meant to be
An oasis for just two, in the midst of this city
Still not knowing how I’ll do it, just knowing I must try
I quickly follow my instincts into this moving mass
Surrounded by so many, yet I only see you lass
I stand alone among the din, this massive human sigh
And lost among the subway crowds, I try to catch your eye.

Yes, me and my old friend the Glosa join forces with Cohen again.

dVerse  Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight : Week 97


You knew she was trouble when she walked in
Got quiet like a whisperer had spoke
With legs up to there, this doll was no joke
A quick glance from under my fedora
Face of an angel, but a body of sin
She was the box and I was Pandora

A tempest of whispers spread through the club
The slit of her dress was up to oh yeah
And not a thing underneath but pure air
That outfit was custom made to adorn
And where the babe walked were the whisper’s hub
Fitting her curves like nothing ever worn

Dress held together by a simple gold link
Even Frail Freddy rushed to take her hand
Just a marionette at her command
As he guided her to a stool on stage
Not a man in there had senses to think
As she crossed her leg with a perfect gauge

It felt like she looked each man in his eyes
Her liquid voice melting over their soul
Her descant was love gone out of control
Her notes downright gritty or raw and lonely
Yes, each man begged for her songs reprise
But she had her sites locked on one only

Deer to headlights I was trapped in her gaze
She pointed at me and crooked her finger
A beauty like that you don’t let linger
I stood giving my trench a little tuck
As she disappeared in the smoky haze
Half-hearted wishes grumbled lucky-schmuck

We rode each other ‘til we were cryin’
She never quite spoke, her words in sing- song
And she was saying things I knew were wrong
Like her husband she wanted me to kill
I realized she was a modern siren
But she knew she had control of my will

Her husband, I was to shoot in the head
When we met up later on in the park
After midnight when it’s quiet and dark
She had sung, I should have done as was told
She’s surprised when I shoot her down instead
I hardly heard her song, I had a head cold

I watch the glow of my cigarette tip
As her husband leans over and just smiles
I hadn’t seen him do that in a long while
He don’t smile much as leader of the mob
Yes, the start of a beautiful friendship
Paying me for the first of many jobs

Have NO idea where my muse pulled this craziness from. I’m just rolling with it.

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight: Week 96

The Life

There’s a moon over Bourbon Street tonight
I see faces as they pass beneath the pale lamplight
I’ve no choice but to follow that call
The bright lights, the people, and the moon and all 

Gordon Sumner (Sting) / Moon Over Bourbon Street

Everyone seems to be in easy mode
The corner’s quiet on this autumn’s eve
Despite the first cuts of winter’s cold
It’s happy smiles folks give and receive
Setting a mood that makes me bold
And my protector has me in his sight
On the off chance all is not as should be
And he may have to come rescue me
But I know everything’s going to be all right
There’s a moon over Bourbon Street tonight

Casting a cool light on this patch of street
I start to flirt with some and have my say
But walking in the sun is a different deceit
The base rules change in the light of day
I’m not acknowledged by all whom I meet
I know they know who I am, as they nod so polite
Those men pretending they don’t know my name
And the wives who avert their head just the same
Knowing their husbands are just faces in my night
I see faces as they pass beneath the pale lamplight

Yes, I’m paid for the need of my company
And more often than not, paid quite well
I aim to please after all you see
But I remember when things weren’t so swell
At the beginning of this life for me
Like babies, before I could run, I had to crawl
Now I choose just how my night is spent
But the truth of lies lay evident
When my pockets hold no cash at all
I’ve no choice but to follow that call

For all the company I have I am still alone
And I watch time shorten the length of my employ
I was young when I started and now I’m grown
I slowly prepare for when I’m past giving joy
But tonight, tonight my love’s my own
On nights like this I’m standing ten feet tall
Pretending I’m just like any other in the park
Out on the town for another evening’s lark
Just another guy walking in the leaves of fall
The bright lights, the people, and the moon and all


Yes, me and my beloved Glosa form again.
dVerse ~ Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight Week: 88

‘Till Next Time

Each morning I wake up begins with a stare
An urge to see who’ll be staring back at me
Life’s hectic, I’m moving, yet going nowhere
Adrift in life’s ocean, yet so lost at sea
My jammed nerves so frayed to the point of threadbare
Dark circles don’t lie to the mirror I see
I usually manage, to give all my best
The effect of make-up hiding lack of rest

Most days, I can get by, with little fanfare
I’m trying to live past the title of wife
But some morns, like this one, just too hard bear
The last place one think I’d go, to release strife
I’m gallantry trying to right the unfair
When breathing without you, just cuts like a knife
I fall to my knees; bowing my head in prayer
So strong in the love that came so late to life

Sweet serenity falls down on me in there
And I stand now slowly, still with upturned palms
Your presence surrounds, like church bells in the air
Its notes resonating; yes I’ve found my calm
My favorite music, only I can hear
Alone at your crypt I am relieved of fears
I leave and the sun finds me through clouds above
A kiss to the heavens “’till next my love”


Today’s form is technically three forms into one poem. Welcome to the Sicliano, Romagnulo and Toscano types of the Strambotto.

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight ~ Week 84


He was my first Deity, my Lord
All I knew encircled Him
He was the sun and I followed in path
Capitulated to His moods,
Prayed for His mercy
Lived in fear of His wrath

After all he was My Father

But he bowed to a deity
Of his own
That either kept him cold and aloof
or filled with the spirit
of liquid hellish fire
of various proof

We tried to be as quiet as a church
In the middle of the night
But we never found a peace to be still
When I can be whipped awake
At any moment
For some ages old forgotten ill

And where was she you ask
When his fist and my face
Were making connections
How could she save me when she herself
Was in dire need
Of her own protection

Where do I go
This was my shelter
It was all I’ve ever known
I’m taught never to be where I’m not wanted
But what do I do when I’m a child
And where I’m not wanted is home

Well the first time I ran
I was soon returned
For I was very under aged
But I aired laundry in the process
And now both of them
Were enraged

Straight A’s brought not a praise
Chores lack brought not a reproach
His indifference became such
That I would push his buttons
With a cheeky little laugh
The only way to feel his touch

Knowing it was all
A fucked way to feel
Just added to vicious revolution
a penance to pay
For which there was never
an absolution

So when I broke out
And ran away part four
I just started living wild
No one ever said a word
what could they say
I am my father’s child

I’m told I should still love him
Pray for him
And wish him well
I say I do in the mere fact
that I simply
never wished him to hell

Some called me cold
Some called me tough
can handle any shit
But I grew up where
whining didn’t change a thing
so what was the point to it

My mother died first
and she I do miss
She did the best that she could
The next I saw him was to bury him
keeping a promise
he knew I would

He’s been gone
nearly a year
without any impact
I was an orphan
deep in my soul
long before I was in fact


Mining the Memory–dVerse ~ Poets Pub Meeting The Bar :

All of Love

Promises made in gall of love
The lies some tell in thrall of love

Another sigh while pictures tear
The heart that breaks in stall of love

Lighting a flame, saying a prayer
Things done in hope in call of love

Sometimes one needs to lose to win
The second chance in fall of love

Then chains of fear soon fall away
And Raivenne flies your halls of love


Trying my hand at a traditional Ghazal form.

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | FormForAll: On Ghazals and the Ghazal Sonnet


Distance makes the heart grow fonder
Even while it tears us through
For all the miles that between us wander
Its just one heart beat between me and you

I lay awake at night staring out the window
Staring at the moon staring back at me
With an odd envy in the knowing
Unlike me, you the moon can see
Holding the telephone ever closer
After our nightly calling
Warm with the comfort of knowing
I am your one and only

The sweetness of your voice so soothing
and so enthralling
That the silence after we hang up
Makes the emptiness all the more lonely

I cry myself to sleep knowing
That my tears are all in vain
For it’s only your warm embrace
Now far too distant to ease this pain

And I am haunted in the night
For the want of your strong touch
My memory taunts me with the ghost
Of that which I desire so much

We’re both so near the breaking point
Of memory’s latest gall
I watch you turn over in frustration
To see me smiling in the moonlight
It takes a full moment to digest
I’m not imagination after all
That I am in fact here with you
As you reach to grasp me tight

My need of your touch pushing me
Past the point of any qualms
Of driving hard through the night
Straight into your loving arms
And like that everything is all right
The heart cannot this joy contain
The pain of parting is nothing
To the joy of meeting again

Distance makes the heart grow fonder
Even while it tears us through
For all the miles that between us wander
Its just one heart beat between me and you


dVerse ~ Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight Week 80

Carry On Tuesday # 189

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