The Forest Green

This gal was purdy, but mean at the Forest Green
That’s how the stories spin down at the Forest Green

Mere thoughts of his presence made her shake
With deep chagrin there at the Forest Green

“Send in the clowns! Oh never mind!” She’d yell
When he would walk in at the Forest Green

Yet he somehow opened doors she feared closed
Tightly locked within at the Forest Green

‘Till one day she realized she was just as taken
Just walking in the rain beyond the Forest Green

How he matches her in heart, mind and soul
Frowns turned to grins at the Forest Green

Thus with abandon she now gives her all to him
Aye how the Raivenne sins behind the Forest Green


Today’s form? A Ghazal.

National Poetry Month – Day 22

All of Love

Promises made in gall of love
The lies some tell in thrall of love

Another sigh while pictures tear
The heart that breaks in stall of love

Lighting a flame, saying a prayer
Things done in hope in call of love

Sometimes one needs to lose to win
The second chance in fall of love

Then chains of fear soon fall away
And Raivenne flies your halls of love


Trying my hand at a traditional Ghazal form.

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