I Lay Here Waiting

I lay here waiting

Waiting for you to touch me
Lay your hand upon me

Your thoughts utter chaos,
Needing the clarity
That only I can bring

I lay here waiting

As your fingers tap the table
Impatient, frustrated

You know what you need to do
What you need to say
Yet you refuse

I lay here waiting

As near as your heartbeat
As far as your heartache

You stare for a long time
And for a long time see nothing
Your vision blurry with unshed tears

I lay here waiting

Morning shadows from the left
Now late day shadows on my right

But if you would just touch me
Just let one word, just one escape
All the rest will come in a flood of truth

I lay here waiting

For you to put down your pride
For you to pick up your pen

Then pour your heart out
So she’ll let your love in
Instead you stand and walk away

And I lay here waiting,
a letter never to be…


dVerse ~ Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight – Week 119

7 thoughts on “I Lay Here Waiting

  1. So many letters never written, love letters, letters of regret, letters of goodbye, lots and lots of letters. But I do not think that I have ever thought of it through the view of the blank piece of paper sitting there waiting for the actual words to be written. I think I have a new insight into how a piece of paper feels. And I almost felt as if I was listening to a song.

    Thanks so much for sharing this with us for this weeks Theme Thursday. Hope you have a great week and maybe even please a piece of paper by writing a letter.

    God bless.

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