Spine Poem - book stackSadomasochism,
the right mistake.

Beauty’s punishment.

The girl who played with fire,
catching fire.

What you pay for, under a velvet cloak

The subtle knife

The golden ass

Twinkie, deconstructed


dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Form for All: The Hidden Poetry in Books

This is a new form (for me) called Sorted-book, or Spine poetry. In essence, a sorted-book or spine poem is a poem found or created from book titles from the spines of books. A photograph of the books is a part of the form itself.*

As I will not have time to go to a library to find/create something more comprehensive, the above is from a set of books I am donating to a local LBGT Center. That they were easily accessible by being right next to my computer helped.

And for those who may be confused by the placement of the last book/line in the poem here’s Urban Dictionary to help: Twink

I’ve since lost the photo, not sure how, and donated the books as stated. *Apologies.

30 thoughts on “Sadomasochism

  1. oh, play with fire and you just might catch fire, that is for sure…ha….you put these together well…twinkie, deconstructed…ha…nice close…never heard of that book either….

    • Thanks Brian. From the innocent question from the authors daughter asking what in a Twinkie, Twinkie Deconstructed is a very interesting book thoroughly breaking down every ingredient in the product from its simple natural resource to how many it ends up as a multi-syllable, barely pronounceable part of America’s erstwhile snack goodness. If you’re not already doing so, it will certainly make you give the side-eye to all processed snack desserts, but it is a really good and informative read.

    • I realize the ending only makes sense if one knows the slang use of the word Twink. I’ve added the Urban Diction reference in the notes to help. Thanks Grace, and yes, it is what some pay for.

  2. so am I the only one who wonders what the other book titles were? The ones that were turned the other way?

    Nicely done, Rai…

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