I’ve Been Here Before


I ride the dusk
Streaking across the infinite horizon
Clouds tinted in lines rubicund and indigo guide me
Into the deep, into the dark, the eventide of my heart
I don’t fret, I’ve been here before

I know this darkness, know it well
When it consumed more than the rays of daylight
When it consumed my hopes and dreams
When it consumed me
And then regurgitated
An empty shell back into the world

But this? This dark is different
I don’t fret, I’ve been here before

This time I am the consumer,
I enter into this willingly, knowingly
That this blackness has an end
That this blackness is indeed finite
That there is an other side

I don’t fret, I’ve been here before
The erstwhile hollowness
Restocking itself to whole
Into the dawn, into the sunrise, the reemergence of my soul
Horizon tinted in lines tawny and cerulean guide me
I disembark as dawn streaks across the infinite horizon

My trip done, my voyage beginning
I don’t fret…


dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Meeting The Bar – The Beat Poets and their Poetry

10 thoughts on “I’ve Been Here Before

  1. I adore that first stanza with the colors and clouds.. and then that dive into a darkness that you seem to be familiar with.. there is an end coming out at the other end…. and then out in colors again.. a great ride though the night,,

  2. Very good – but not certain if I am seeing what I want to see. Read several times and not certain if the original blackness is depression or a bad trip and may be when you are the consumer (of the blackness) it is a good nights sleep?
    Anna :o]

    • Ah, Anna all three views are very possible. Sometimes the reader’s view coincides with mine, sometimes I the writer am lead to see a view through a very different lens. I think a reader sees what they need to see at the time. Thanks.

  3. when it consumed me and rgurgitated an empty shell back to the world….
    wow that encapsulates the feel well for me right there…and i like how you take both sides in this too…

  4. I read this and the other comments – the ambiguity in this is intriguing but certainly allows the reader to journey through his imagination for answers and perhaps that’s exactly as you planned it. Very interesting.

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