Physical…   Want…   Desire…

It’s interesting how the sudden impulses
to just hold you come about
I want you in my arms
To feel your arms around me

I watch you
the way you walk
the way you speak
I watch the way you


There’s such a passion in even the most
subtle of your moves
That sparks such wanton desire
within my own body
Every instinct in me just

You will be soooo damn good

I’m now tempted to find out
to prove myself right
will the reality of you
be equal to the desire

are you ready for a challenge…?

National Poetry Month 2020

Better Plans

I did not want that I should fall in love
For it seemed Fate had better plans for me
It was a bother not mine to speak of
I did not think I could fall in a love
Hard as the bedrock yet soft as a glove
That such love could be returned you see
But now I know I have fallen in love
For it seemed Fate had better plans for me

Today on dVerse Poet’s Pub Frank challenges to write a triolet or a poem that closely resembles a triolet.

So, what is a triolet? A triolet’s characteristics are the following.

  1. The poem has 8 lines.
  2. The rhyme scheme is abaaabab.
  3. The meter is iambic tetrameter.
  4. The first, fourth and seventh lines repeat.
  5. The second and eighth lines repeat.

Anything Like This

I never wanted anything like this less

It was supposed to a game
Something slight, simple
I didn’t see the string

I never 

Imagined to be caught in your beam
Much too late I felt myself list
And cursed a blue streak

Wanted anything 

Like this moment oh so still
Yet I cannot deny the afterglow sheen
And how in my very thoughts you seam

Like this

Through my psyche to rattle
Through my heart to beat
Through my soul to fasten

And I never wanted anything like this more


The Sunday Whirl – Wordle 351
Use at least ten of the following words in a story or poem/prose:
Game, Simple, String, Beam, List, Streak, Still, Sheen, Seam, Rattle, Beat, Fasten

I challenged myself to use the words as is, not changing tense and in the order given.

The Daily Post Slight
Write a new post in response to today’s one-word prompt.

The Eternity Remains

My days dream of your return
My nightmares are of your leaving
You entered my life full of sound
Listened to the crazy man I am
Then left without a goodbye

Trapped in this blood’s ebb and flow
The eternity remains in the end
And I miss you

It is forever winter in my soul
There is no hope of spring
Thanatos is a cruel thief
To take you but leave me

As I die with each day I’m living
The eternity remains in the end
And I miss you

What trial need I finish?
What deadliest path by far?
Tell me and I will take on any challenge,
If it but gains us a few mere moments more!

Tell me! I beg screaming into the yawing silence
The eternity remains in the end
And I miss you

I who once thought to have everything
Find myself bereft of all
You were our voice
I am now the silence after your echo
That goes on without you

Seasons come, days go
The eternity remains in the end
And I still miss you


dVerse ~Poets Pub | OpenLink Night #216
dVerse ~Poets Pub


To Fall or To Rise

March 1st marked the twelfth year of my being a widow. I’ve had no serious relationships in the interim. A friend asked this morning if I think I will fall in love again. I told him I hope so, but I’d prefer to rise in love again someday. It sparked a discussion that the results of I thought would make a good post. So here goes…

We say we “fall” in love.


  • to come or go down quickly from a high place or position, to let yourself come or go down to a lower position, to become lower, to become less,  to lose value)

Falling is uncoordinated; a generally unconscious act. No one wants to fall. The body instinctively tries to reach out to brace itself against it. Falling is not something we want to do in any other circumstance. 

Why is it allowed in love?

Now to rise? That’s something different.


  • to move upward, to become higher, to advance to a higher level, to become stronger,  to be or become better, to make the special effort.

To rise. To uplift. To  elevate. 

Love should bring you above it all even when in the muck of it.  Does anyone remember a few ago during the Vancouver riots after the game – specifically the now infamous photo of the couple kissing on the ground? There’s chaos around them, you can see police in the near distance behind them. Yet they are kissing.

Vancouver Riots 2011 - Couple kissing on ground

Vancouver Riots 2011 – Couple Kissing

For all that was going on around them, in that moment it, was just about the two of them. It’s him giving her comfort in the midst of madness, still it comforts him as well for her to accept it and return it.

That was a moment of rising in love between two people who had no idea the moment was captured until it was shared across the globe.

Also note: rising in love is no guarantee of its reciprocity. Nor is it solely the providence of romantic love.

  • Ask the parents visiting their newly admitted drug addicted daughter screaming vindictiveness from her rehab room as they walk away praying it works this time.
    They rose up to keep loving her.
  • Ask the caretaker of the elderly sun-downing woman who no longer recognizes him as her son these days. He rises up to love her regardless.
  • Ask the classroom of children who shaved their heads in support of their teacher stricken with cancer. They rose up.

And because sometimes the love you have to rise up to, is the love of yourself:

  • Ask the man momentarily miserable, yet at peace as he walks out the door of an abusive relationship knowing he’s never coming back. He rose.

And that is the blessing, but also the crux and the curse of it.

Because falling in love is relatively easy. I said relatively.

Falling in love is that easy B-. It required very little effort on your part to pass the test. Now you have time for that Saturday Social with your B- and maybe even B+ friends. And if that was all you wanted, then okay.  When you see the Honor Roll and your name was not on it. You’ll always know you could have done better.

Rising in love takes work, compromise work and yes some sacrifice.

Rising in love is not being satisfied with that easy B-. You’re willing to work for it. You give up a couple, maybe a few Saturday Socials. Some friends may tease you. You see the pictures of what you’re missing, but you persevere. When you do show up at the Saturday Social again, you do so with a hard earned A, maybe even an A+ and your name on the Honor Roll.

Yes, rising in love is work, but the pay off is so worth the extra effort.

You do not choose who you fall in love with. However, you always choose who you rise in love with.

So yes, I do hope to fall in love, again.

But then I want to rise.


Today is Day 3 of the March Slice Of Life Story Challenge.
Come see how others are slicing it up today.
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Do you not feel me?
           Feel me.

Do you not hear me?
           Hear me.

I know I can be shallow.

But you know I am not empty.

Within my heartbeat echoes yours.

Yet I know within your heartbeat mine is nothing.

dVerse De (whimsygizmo) asks us to write a Quadrille, a poem of exactly 44 words – not including the title, and to make it echo. “Echo” being the word that must be used in the poem. I went for  its absence.

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Quadrille #32

On Cue

Night scars gone
Jarred fireflies spark 

We twist, skip, dance
In the bubbling spring
Ghost grins whisper and giggle

Breezes shimmer green
Leaves curl, spill in open journey

And In the lull
Dawn melts
In rose shadowed clouds

We breathe
Love balloons
On cue


An added challenge by De for this Quadrille#29 prompt night at dVerse: Writing The One With All the Words used in Monday Quadrille challenges.

Our Q44 word list so far:

dance, lull, bubble, grin, melt, shimmer, twist, skip, green, breeze, spill, rose, journey, jar, leaves, open, shadow, cloud, spark, cue, breath(e), scar, curl, whisper, dawn, ghost, giggle, spring, balloon

dVerse ~ Poets Pub |  Quadrille #29-The One With All The Words


It’s been
since his last touch,
she stews
in sweet memory
As each new
adds more
to long for

white velvety cloak
finally yields
to red balloons
smoked meats,
and opening of casks
upon first sighting
in the Foothills

Welcome Home


It’s Quadrille Monday at dVerse, and De (WhimsyGizmo ) challenges us to write poetry using the word balloon in a poem of 44 words, no more – no less,

dVerse ~ Poets Pub |  Quadrille #29

sunday whirl
The Sunday Whirl | Wordle # 292
Sweet, Touch, Months, Adds, Sunshine, Stew, Cask, Red, Velvety, Smoke, Foothills, Long

Loving View of You

He has learned to love himself through “her” eyes, and through the eyes of others. To believe he is worthy not because he himself thinks he’s worthy, but because they say so. He searches for himself in how they view him, but he forgets that when she leaves, when they leave, all leave with their views as well – so what’s left of him then?

She has to unlearn that peace with Self in never going to be in the desires of yet another lover’s eyes. She has to unlearned that love is physical, that she has to be touched by another for love to be felt.  She does not know how to fall in love with the soul and mind of another, let alone her own self, thus she forgets her body’s worth. She has not learned the power of loving her own self, loving her own company.

When we are  looking for others to complete our sense of self, we fail to realize, we will never be complete unless you are within ourselves. We have to unlearn searching  for ourselves in the eyes of our parents, especially the absent parent – whether physically, but especially the emotionally one/s. We become adults and eventually move out of caretakers physical grasp, but the psychological ties, good and bad, bind so much longer. What parts are who you are, and what are who they say you are?

We continue giving valuable pieces of ourselves to the wrong people; they will continue to leave us feeling empty, and yet we continue to look to these same people to fill these holes. Being lonely is no excuse. We need to understand the difference between compromise and settling for less, to believe that it is not okay to lower our standards, mediocre is not good enough.

There’s a reason the phrase “I can do bad all by myself” exists. Because the people we let into our lives – not colleagues or families, as we often have little to no choice over them – I speak of the remaining that we let into our lives, is a reflection of what’s outside of us, and that reflection should always be of something good. They reflect how we choose to see what is outside of us, they can never destroy the core within us, we you don’t let it.

Stop looking for a partner...

We get trapped in the stresses of trying to live up to impossible perfection. We subconsciously learn  that to be in any way flawed is an offence. We try to fit into these images created by others and forget how to simply be ourselves. We forget the power we have within ourselves, to love ourselves first.

To love ourselves, first. When we do that. everything falls into alignment.

Writing Our Lives #52essays2017 Challenge – Week 12


A year-long weekly personal essay/memoir/creative nonfiction writing challenge. To learn more about this challenge or to participate, check out Vanessa Martir’s website and learn about it.