Another Day Without You

The alarm goes off and I reach for you
When I hold you close, just like I used to do
My heart listens for your sounds in the air then
Before my head catches up, that they won’t be there again
Some habits are just harder to kill
And my heart breaks against my will

Every morn I wake that you’re not here
It’s a struggle to not shed that first tear
Another day without you
It’s time for me to fly – I have not wings
A nightingale with no desire to sing
Another day without you

All these feelings I hide from folks each day.
Falling in line with the games people play
I just go through the motions of daily living,
Hoping no one sees through the performance I’m giving
When it’s the wind that mocks your gentle touch
Or the storm of your kiss that I’m missing so much

Every mourn I wake, and I do mean mourn
I try to anchor my thoughts, but I’m still too worn
Another day without you
It’s time for me to fly – and someday I might
But right now this heart’s too heavy for flight
Another day without you

In the morning I wake and sob in the lonely air
Too many times I cry how it’s unfair
It’s so unfair

Knew when we took the vows of man and wife
That it would truly be for the rest of our life
The calendar still holds the dates of the things planned
From one winter to the next of activities spanned
Because I thought there’d be more of life with you
I’m alive, but this is not living without you

Every morn I wake and face the dawn
A part of me is surprise how I breathe on
Another day without you
It’s time for me to fly – But I stay prone
The sky’s a lonely place here on my own
Another day without you

Yet I’m still here…

I’m still here…

National Poetry Month for 2021 Day 14 in a mood

The Return

In distant dreams
the muse

Come read to
me some

Words soon forgotten
upon eyes

I create this
just to

I can launch
bright words,

on pixilated paper
that mean

In my zest
nothing is

Yet I hesitate
before I

Because one words
should have

Before they escape
to the

And the moon
and the

Then I realize
with vibrant

That to do
this little

Is a start.
I beam

In silent lucidity,
my muse

National Poetry Month 2020


Like a phoenix to a flame he comes

Swearing up a blue streak
The grain of his outer staff
Perfectly matching my inner sculpture
I weather the frothy current
Tinkling down the esophageal path
In a flight of carnal – carnival – carnivore joy
The apparition of the newly dead bird laid to rest

But then phoenix rises

National Poetry Month 2020


Physical…   Want…   Desire…

It’s interesting how the sudden impulses
to just hold you come about
I want you in my arms
To feel your arms around me

I watch you
the way you walk
the way you speak
I watch the way you


There’s such a passion in even the most
subtle of your moves
That sparks such wanton desire
within my own body
Every instinct in me just

You will be soooo damn good

I’m now tempted to find out
to prove myself right
will the reality of you
be equal to the desire

are you ready for a challenge…?

National Poetry Month 2020


There’s a flower that’s grown
inside my heart
from a seed he’s planted there

Somehow it endured
despite the coldness
despite how hard I tried

To keep it from growing
I was never prepared
for the warmth of sunshine

That came from his smile
or the rain of tears
from his empathy

Gently pulling away the weeds
that threatened to harm
with his gentle touch

And the flower grew

Strong and beautiful
Until I could no longer fight it
And no longer wanted to

National Poetry Month 2020

Aquarius and Virgo

My waters flow over her
through her
around her
surround her
It cleanses, refreshes
and she rises forth
an African Aphrodite
pristine in my waters.
Life springs from her merest touch
a casual toss of her hair
can coalesce  into
a  summer's shower
or winter's gale
Yet his still waters roil
in the tempest of his anger
I can not burn
My Adonis Nubian
his waters peak
my mountains white
I can not freeze
Within the deepest flow and ebb
of his love though I am
completely submerged
in the silken currents
I cannot be drowned.
Nor can my thirst
ever be quenched.
National Poetry Month 2020

I Never Expected 

And you’d think it was you who called it off
At my own damned hubris do I scoff
Worse thing I ever did – how could I know
Would be to be so stupid in letting you go

Too afraid to tell you what was needed
You said I’d be sorry, you succeeded

I expected anger

How you made me strong was a weakness I’d deride
Though I knew it for truth, I was too deep in my pride
Knowing I lie, when I say I’ll get through this
Now trapped in the feeling my own hubris

All that’s left are the memories,
Once dear to me, now sear through me

I expected anger
I expected I might be sad

The empty bottles aren’t drowning out the din
When midnight finds me sobbing once again
You were all I had and I threw all
For I never learned how to beg, never knew how to crawl
And that’s my my downfall

I expected anger, 
I expected I might be sad

But no, I never expected to hurt so bad

National Poetry Month 2020

Felix with a Chance of Fido

The morning air purred contentedly
In azures bright and clearly
Enough to see forever

Comforting as a warm wrap and a good read
Oh put it in a box for me indeed
In retrospect I should have known better

Of course it’s going to turn like this
The barometer drops to ruin my bliss
And the azures hiss and howl to a sleet of slate

I retrieve my umbrella placed out of sight
For the barking and caterwauling out tonight
Felines and canines dampening on our date

Having silliness with a common analogy for uncommon weather

National Poetry Month 2020

I Never Guessed

Dawn finds me at the window waiting for the sunlight
As once again I suffered another sleepless night
The once brilliant stars no longer seem as bright
Because you’re not here with me to enjoy the sight

I carry this sense of gloom in the noon of day
The things once beautiful no longer hold sway
I never dreamed how your voice my mind can replay
Or how for the lack of you, my heart does decay

I never guessed how deep
Was your love’s imbue
The vast emptiness inside me
That only you can fill
How much of my life is
Wrapped around yours too
I pray to let you know
Baby, yes I do, love you still

These walls still hold your laughter, carry your scent
A bittersweet symphony that cause my heart’s rent
And staying away from home, does not pain circumvent
For all the reminders of you, in every place we once went

Only when the synergy was gone, did I understand our rapport
How I can’t seem to lift myself, for it’s you who helps me soar
A call, a letter, name it, baby I’m on my knees ready to implore
To beg, to plead, anything to hold you in my arms once more

Our friends say that we are living in a hellish trance
You know without each other, neither of us can advance
I vow to replace every stolen moment of our romance
Just give me the chance, baby, please give me the chance

I never guessed how deep
Was your love’s imbue
The vast emptiness inside me
That only you can fill
How much of my life is
Wrapped around yours too
I pray to let you know
Baby, yes I do, love you still


National Poetry Month Day 2

National Poetry Month 2020

Keeps On Moving

Tick tock
It can stand still
Yet keeps on moving

Grains of sand
It crawls or flies
But keeps on moving

What comes
Fore or aft
From womb to tomb
It keeps on moving


Created by friend and blogger GirlGriot. An Arun is a fifteen-line poem in three sets of five lines. Each set of five lines follows the same syllable structure: starting with one syllable and increasing by one syllable with each line. 1/2/3/4/5 — 3x. There are no other rhyme or structural requirements.

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