The Devil’s Daughter’s Song

I live at the edge of your atmosphere
a sunset strip colorific and clear
in a life despite God I cheer
raindrops on a sunny April afternoon as tears

Ineffable lamentations surge sweetly to my ears

I bang the drum called your heart with sass
for life in a bottle is a house made of glass
it was  a fruitloop daydream to think me a mere lass
the tiny box of lies – the molehill now a mountain of morass

Is the wafting requiem heard through the crevasse

I wake laughing when you knock me out weeping
I am my father’s daughter, my lure your curse vastly sweeping
your eyes wide shut, don’t touch me while I am sleeping  
the hate with which I slumber – the secret lover I’m keeping

In the melodic dirge of your tears slowly seeping

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Let Music Speak

dVerse Poets Pub graphic
dVerse ~ Poets Pub

Yesterday at dVerse, poet-tender for the evening, paeansunplugged, invited us to let the music speak and challenges us to write a poem based on prompt phrases from the music of Linda Perry:

  1. Edge Of Your Atmosphere
  2. Sunset Strip
  3. Life Despite God
  4. Sunny April Afternoon
  5. Bang The Drum
  6. Life in a Bottle
  7. Fruitloop Daydream
  8. Tiny Box Of Lies
  9. Knock Me Out
  10. I Am My Father’s Daughter
  11. Don’t Touch Me While I Am Sleeping
  12. Secret Lover

We were only required to to incorporate two of the above choices in our poems about music. As usual Muse chose not understand the message. All twelve prompts are there in the order as given.

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