11 comments on “The Eternity Remains

  1. I like it. It’s a more robust grieving than I feel. I’ve lost two of my men. Each time it feels like walking through autumn leaves that have completely dried out and as I walk through them they fall to dust. Where there were once leaves is now only earth and debris of lives lived and loved. But your words still vibrate with life, and memory and love. I prefer your method to mine. Well said.

    • Oh, I’ve walked that dusty path, once. I prefer to dwell on the leaves in the trees, rather than the ones withering on the ground. We’re all to be dust in the end.

      Thank you, Gay.

  2. Your words are poignant and beautiful
    Thanatos is a cruel thief indeed, leaving us with a massive void to fill, but all we can find is emptiness, and how we yearn for the one that is lost, stolen from us.
    All we can hope for is for peace to return, and we (then) strong enough, celebrate the life of the loved one who remains strong in our heart, our memories.

    • “Celebrate the life of the loved one who remains strong in our heart, our memories.” It’s was a long dusty trek to get there, but I am on that road. Thanks Anna.

  3. Gosh such palpable yearning in this!! The repetition of “I miss you” makes one realize just how difficult it is to lose a loved one and how painful it is to carry on living in this world.

  4. The mourning is so strong, yet the living is stronger,,, somehow this is a burden many of us carry, there comes a parting of ways and we have to go on… life is a series of partings… blessed are the meetings.

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