11 comments on “To Fall or To Rise

  1. I love the wording in this post! I never really thought about rising in love versus falling in love – it makes sense that rising in love would be more effort to keep a relationship alive and make sacrifices for the one you fell in love with. My boyfriend and I have been together for 5 years now and we fell in love within the first six months, but I think we are growing as a couple and rising in love now 🙂

  2. Oh yes I will definitely agree that falling in love with someone is much easier than rising in love with that person but it’s not the falling that cements your committment, it’s the ascension. Rising above the fray ; above all odds or just above the day to day distractions is required for lasting peace of mind and security of heart. Trust can’t be left out of the equation and it has to be tried during the periods in your life when you have to climb up out of the sewer grate to at least street level. Thanks for your views on the rise to love!

  3. I have never really thought about it in these terms but what you say makes perfect sense. I feel like the term “Falling in Love” is used so casually that it has lost any true meaning. Love is work.. It is ongoing. It is something to be treasured and not taken lightly. Hope you get to rise in love again.

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