The List

Them! She turns and points out to the ones
Sons of a son who once harmed her young dear
Years paid with glee at her blatant lying
Sighing, I check her on the list with ease

Please help! My child dies! A mom screams and begs
Dregs! Responds the suit ignoring her needs
Pleads we just can’t fund this, now close the doors!
Scores the suit on my list for lies, the fool

Cool water sprinkles her newly done face
Placed perfectly by the surgeon’s hand
Grand, she still wants a little done right there
Unaware her name has just been marked down

Frowns cross his brow as he simply just stares
Dares himself to leave her, just walk away
“Staaaay” purrs a voice not his wife and he smiles
While I write his name to my dossier

Beware! Fists comes down on unaware face
Trace the tears that fall along with his goal
Rolls the jewelry he’s craved so deep inside
Snide for a moment, I check off his name

Same old, same old she says with a sneer
Leers at the ones who can’t afford her styles
Smiles as she plied with even more trite things
Brings her to my list with renowned due haste

Waste best described most indolent ways
Staying far from hard work Oh she’ll try
Dry her nails is the most effort given
Livin’ as though, I can’t check one more name

Blame? I have none the choice made is their path
Wrath, Greed, Pride, Lust, Envy, Gluttony, Sloth,
Cloths my claim for the dark souls of theirs
Care not on the cause for their deadly sin
In smiling silence, add names to my list

Gist? Your name could be added next, ahem!

Anagram of Sin

Did anyone notice the pattern? This poetic form is called a Rime Enchainée. The pattern of the Rime Enchainée is very simple – the last word of each line rhymes with the first word of the following line, and the last word of the last line rhymes with the first word of the first line, bringing the form back full circle.

Entered in:

Poetry Picnic | Week 26 – Seven Deadly Sins


Finding vanities twixt the insanities
Few heard, fewer listened to my call
Lost lucidity, in solitary soliloquy
To acknowledge this risks to also fall

On a whisper of tears, sorrow appears
And this spirit is redefined
Bereft of much, it’s killed such
Leaving naught that’s good behind

Rage employed against malice enjoyed
A perverseness in which I wallow
And I don’t dare, to say I care
For it’s a lie that’s too hard to swallow

Dare to pray or deign to prey
Dissolving my once firm control
Tomorrow seems vast, but is quickly past
And it is night still within my soul

It itches, it seethes, it festers, it breathes
Burrowing deeper into the sorrow
In the starkness, I bleed darkness
No hope horizons on the morrow

Two Taps

My job is thus: this terror end
It’s not for a purpose, higher
nor a matter of my desire

Though there are those I will offend
Pure steel my nerve, for whom I serve
A decade’s span, this tale to rend

The choice was death, I take aim – fire
Two taps I’m done: this terror ends…?


Written for One Stop Poetry:
One Stop Monday Form – Octains