Finding vanities twixt the insanities
Few heard, fewer listened to my call
Lost lucidity, in solitary soliloquy
To acknowledge this risks to also fall

On a whisper of tears, sorrow appears
And this spirit is redefined
Bereft of much, it’s killed such
Leaving naught that’s good behind

Rage employed against malice enjoyed
A perverseness in which I wallow
And I don’t dare, to say I care
For it’s a lie that’s too hard to swallow

Dare to pray or deign to prey
Dissolving my once firm control
Tomorrow seems vast, but is quickly past
And it is night still within my soul

It itches, it seethes, it festers, it breathes
Burrowing deeper into the sorrow
In the starkness, I bleed darkness
No hope horizons on the morrow