27 comments on “Too Many…

  1. Haha this is so cute. I have one pair of dress shoes and my husband insists I can’t need more than that considering I can’t walk in them anyways he likely has a point lol

  2. Really enjoyed reading this! Very fun and playful. Reminds me of Ken Nordine, a bit. I especially love his spoken word on colors and their fictitious, corresponding personalities. If you haven’t heard of him, I think you’d like this stuff.

  3. Picky, picky, picky, as I trickled through your closet, enjoying every rejection…since I too do not have many shoes 🙂 This was a delightful read for me after putting pencil down. Thank you for the tongue and cheek smile.

  4. I’m always pleased when I come across a poem on a not-so-serious topic. Some people take writing sooooo seriously.

  5. Thanks Beca, Ravenblack, ZQ, ALIVE A, Thoughts and Miriam, it was not my footwear, but it was my pleasure.

    Virtual – I so agree. As much as I enjoy “Jabberwocky”, even that seems like too much work to compose. Simple laughs are best.

    Oh! A smile, aye, a laugh!! From the Recluse, nonetheless? A most gracious bestowing indeed!

    Much thanks again all!

  6. First time I see the different shades of green in one single setting. Quirky and cool, thoroughly enjoying it:) Thanks for sharing 🙂

  7. can you ever have too many…ha….my wife rather likes shoes…i am afraid to ask her that question…i dont think she has any green ones though…smiles.

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