I Am Ready

A million candles burning for the love that never came
I can’t say much has happened since
If you are the dealer, let me out of the game
If you want a partner, take my hand
If it be your will
I’d crawl to you baby and I’d fall at your feet
You want it darker

I am ready

Vilified, crucified, in the human frame
I swear it happened just like this
If you are the healer, I’m broken and lame
If you want another kind of love
I shall abide until
I’d howl at your beauty like a dog in heat
I’m your man

I am ready

Magnified, sanctified, be thy holy name
A sigh, a cry, a hungry kiss
If thine is the glory, mine must be the shame
If you want to take me for a ride
Let your mercy spill
I’d claw at your heart, and I’d tear at your sheet
with nothing on my tongue but hallelujah

I am ready

You want it darker
I’m your man
With nothing on my tongue but hallelujah

I am ready


At dVerse Bryan takes honored guest turn tending the pub and challenges us to to give our best “cover” a poem by a poet whom you admire.
In tribute to a great poet who passed away earlier this month, with the sole exception of the I am ready refrain, all lines are from the following songs of Leonard Cohen: You Want It Darker – I’m Your Man – Hallelujah – If It Be Your Will – Closing Time


dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Poetics– Covers with Bryan

Verbal Diarrhea Diaries: Song and Dance

A friend posted the following image from Telly Leung’s Facebook page:

I think the world would be so much happier if everyone broke out in song and dance every once in a while

Click for full-size image.

Sorta sequitur: If you see the name Telly Leung in any play or musical, just buy the damn ticket and go. He is a phenomenal performer and once you see him in action, you do not forget him.

Now for those of you who may not recognize the photograph, is from the 1978 movie musical Grease. It is the film adaptation of the  Broadway musical of the same name.  Specifically it is a still from the last scene and musical number “We Go Together”.  Whether you’ve seen the movie or show, and love it as I do, I know you’re already singing it in your head, but I digress…

My initial comment to her post was “This should be a lawful requirement. At least once a quarter, mandatory. Don’t know how one would regulate it, but this should happen. lol”

A cutesy enough response, I thought nothing of it as I went back to to what I was doing. However, the idea of actually regulating such a thing must have continued to run in the back of my mind because about fifteen minutes later a scenario popped into my head and would not let go. Of course I had to share it with K, my friend who posted the pick. The scenario (with spelling and grammar corrected) went like this:

Note: “K” of course is my beautiful friend. Official Looking Gentlemen (OLG) in my crazy mind looks and sounds a lot like Agent Smith from the Matrix trilogy.

K answers a knock at her front door.
Official Looking Gentlemen: Ms. S., we are from the DOE-PHD, Department of Entertainment – Personal Health Division.

K: Yes?

OLG: According to our records you have not broken into spontaneous song and dance within the past six months thereby breaking Ordinance No. 68251.3 Section 2LEFTFEET.

K: Right now? But, but I’m just so busy!

OLG: Ma’am if you do not break into a rousing rendition of “Cabaret” we will have to immediately detain you with others who have failed to comply. You will not be allowed to return to your home until enough people are gathered to recreate either the “We Go Together” scene from “Grease” or “America” from “West Side Story”

K: Oh no!

OLG: Oh yes! Lyrics and dance moves will be provided if necessary. I should advise you that either number requires a minimum of ten attendees for your PHD fulfillment to be deemed complete. I currently only have three others, thus this may take a while.

K: What should I do?

OLG: I highly suggest that you drop everything and give me Liza in 5…4…3…

K (grabs convenient bowler hat and cane located right next to the front door): 🎵 What good is sitting alone in your room?
Come hear the music play.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret! 🎶

PS -1: I know this would NEVER happen to either one of us K. We break into unprompted song and dance now as it is.

PS-2: Man, I crack myself up sometimes!


Yes, I have issues – as if you didn’t already know that.  Now excuse me, while  belt out a few-flat- bars of my current earworm “Diamonds Are Forever”, soon to be the chagrin of my co-workers.

For You Know…

We embark upon this life
Go through the stress and strife;
We fall in queue for our brief time here
For no matter how long we last,
It won’t be as long as our past
And it’s all but a token homage my dear

For this gem of a love
Above all others love
Yet we know nothing’s perfect and only God is truly divine
Some say love is just a sell
That heaven is as well
But I know both are real when your hand is holding mine

For you know, I give all of my love to you
From now until our time on earth is through
Because I know you give all of your love to me
And that’s all there ever needs to be
That’s all there ever needs to be

Some days are just hell for us,
Some days all we do is fuss
Some days we cook, other days we freeze
Some days we can’t do without
Some days all we do is pout
Some days we’re brought right down to our knees

Some in big mansions live,
Some inside hovels give
Their all in all to get through the day
Some love’s an orchard to share
Some love’s a cupboard bare
But our love’s beyond what mere words can say

For you know, I give all of my love to you
From now until our time on earth is through
And I know you give all of your love to me
And that’s all there ever needs to be
That’s all there ever needs to be

What I believe is this
We’re touched with heaven’s bliss
Living day by day in this Fool’s Paradise
This love’s where we live and die
This love between you I
At the end of day that’s enough to suffice

Sometimes it’s a slippery slope
Sometimes we can barely cope
But to know these joys we’ll risk pain’s chance
Day by day we grow old,
Others rust, we stay gold
Two left footed steppers in an intricate dance

For you know, I give all of my love to you
From now until our time on earth is through
For I know you give all of your love to me
And that’s all there ever needs to be
That’s all there ever needs to be


dVerse ~ Poets Pub  | Meeting The Bar : Songwriting and its Relationship to Poetry