Verbal Diarrhea Diaries: Song and Dance

A friend posted the following image from Telly Leung’s Facebook page:

I think the world would be so much happier if everyone broke out in song and dance every once in a while

Click for full-size image.

Sorta sequitur: If you see the name Telly Leung in any play or musical, just buy the damn ticket and go. He is a phenomenal performer and once you see him in action, you do not forget him.

Now for those of you who may not recognize the photograph, is from the 1978 movie musical Grease. It is the film adaptation of the  Broadway musical of the same name.  Specifically it is a still from the last scene and musical number “We Go Together”.  Whether you’ve seen the movie or show, and love it as I do, I know you’re already singing it in your head, but I digress…

My initial comment to her post was “This should be a lawful requirement. At least once a quarter, mandatory. Don’t know how one would regulate it, but this should happen. lol”

A cutesy enough response, I thought nothing of it as I went back to to what I was doing. However, the idea of actually regulating such a thing must have continued to run in the back of my mind because about fifteen minutes later a scenario popped into my head and would not let go. Of course I had to share it with K, my friend who posted the pick. The scenario (with spelling and grammar corrected) went like this:

Note: “K” of course is my beautiful friend. Official Looking Gentlemen (OLG) in my crazy mind looks and sounds a lot like Agent Smith from the Matrix trilogy.

K answers a knock at her front door.
Official Looking Gentlemen: Ms. S., we are from the DOE-PHD, Department of Entertainment – Personal Health Division.

K: Yes?

OLG: According to our records you have not broken into spontaneous song and dance within the past six months thereby breaking Ordinance No. 68251.3 Section 2LEFTFEET.

K: Right now? But, but I’m just so busy!

OLG: Ma’am if you do not break into a rousing rendition of “Cabaret” we will have to immediately detain you with others who have failed to comply. You will not be allowed to return to your home until enough people are gathered to recreate either the “We Go Together” scene from “Grease” or “America” from “West Side Story”

K: Oh no!

OLG: Oh yes! Lyrics and dance moves will be provided if necessary. I should advise you that either number requires a minimum of ten attendees for your PHD fulfillment to be deemed complete. I currently only have three others, thus this may take a while.

K: What should I do?

OLG: I highly suggest that you drop everything and give me Liza in 5…4…3…

K (grabs convenient bowler hat and cane located right next to the front door): 🎵 What good is sitting alone in your room?
Come hear the music play.
Life is a Cabaret, old chum,
Come to the Cabaret! 🎶

PS -1: I know this would NEVER happen to either one of us K. We break into unprompted song and dance now as it is.

PS-2: Man, I crack myself up sometimes!


Yes, I have issues – as if you didn’t already know that.  Now excuse me, while  belt out a few-flat- bars of my current earworm “Diamonds Are Forever”, soon to be the chagrin of my co-workers.

6 thoughts on “Verbal Diarrhea Diaries: Song and Dance

  1. Haha! Great! Wouldn’t happen to me, either. I’m always responding to perfectly innocuous comments with random musical and opera phrases. Whether or not they are well known, which causes many looks askance, not that it stops me, I think the one that happens most regularly is when I’m at someone’s house for dinner or something, and as I’m getting ready to leave, I blurt out:

    “This was a real nice clambake, we’re mighty glad we came!
    The vittles we et were good, you bet, the company was the same!
    Our hearts are warm, our bellies are full, and we are feelin’ prime.
    This was a real nice clambake, and we all had a real nice time!”

    Never had anybody sing a line back to me on that one, either.

  2. HAHAHAHA! Okay fine, I’ll be honest, I would not be able to sing a line back at you as “words wouldn’t come in an easy way – ’round in circles I’d go, longing to tell you…” as I’m trying to remember it. 🙂 🙂 🙂

    But can a gal at least get a couple of points for immediately recognizing it from the musical “Carousel” ?

    • Of course, because I DO love you, “if” doesn’t figure in! 😉
      But really, I don’t do it for points, it’s just… part of my vocabulary. One of the best things ever, though, is when something like that pops out, and somebody else joins in! Talk about glee!

      • Hey, you’re talking to the woman that had strangers on a subway singing “Love Shack” . I fully understand that glee!

  3. Great idea! I’d settle for “Put on your top hat, white feather and tails” from Stan Freberg modestly presents “The United States of America”.

  4. i dunno. I keep coming back to the idea of belting out songs from Avenue Q – “Everyone’s a little bit racist”, “I wish you could meet my girlfriend”, “I’m not wearing underwear”, “The Internet is for porn”, and “You can be as loud as the hell you want”. That would get the law repealed pretty darn fast….

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