In Dreams Come True Is This

In dreams come true, is this, yon maidens sigh
The knight so brave, a truth none can deny
His heart doth love, but just for one to see
Someone special who knows not what could be
His love he’ll give when battle’s end is nigh

And she, damsel who finds herself too shy
Doth watch her knight of dreams ride off thereby
Knows not the knight could love someone like she
In dreams come true is this

It will pain less, she knows, come by and by
For now these tears are hers alone to cry
Upon his death whispers it comes to she
To learn so late his love was hers to be
Her heart alive, with love, only to die
In dreams come true is this


In Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie  – host Teresa asks us to pen a short episode in the fashion of a medieval romance tale in prose or as a Rondeau.


Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie : Saturday’s Mix – May 13th 


Forgive Me

Forgive me, oh please, forgive me; the error of my ways
The weakness of that failing shall forever mark my days;
Mistakes now seem so bold in the day of light reflected
Easily would have been naught, had all dots connected
Thus to any point other than the one where my mind strays

How was the path intended led so very far astray?
Your sole knight in shining armor tarnished beyond dismay
Wholly destroyed the one love that I should have protected
Forgive me, oh please, forgive me

May sweet mercy be yours to find and grant to me someday
Your heart was never something to be treated so blasé
Never knew that this heart of own could be so affected
Never knew that this deep pain would be the cost collected
Your love was all I had, and I threw all I had away
Forgive me, oh please, forgive me


Trying my hand at a Rondeau

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