From Dawn to Dusk

We float, we wake, we breathe, we scream
Search for the dream
And all we find
Opens the mind

Yet all the choices that we make
In no time take
As El Sol sighs
‘Til we close eyes

When the heart beats for last time
Its mortal chime
That now is done
With Earth we’re one

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dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Poetry Form: The Minute Poem

Today at dVerse Poets Pub, Grace tends the bar challenges us to take a sixty seconds, or so, to form a Minute Poem.

The Minute Poem, created by Verna Lee Hinegardner, once poet laureate of Arkansas, is a 60 syllable verse form, one syllable for each second in a minute.

It has the following rules…

1. narrative poetry.
2. a 12 line poem made up of 3 quatrains. (3 of 4-line stanzas)
3. syllabic, 8-4-4-4   8-4-4-4   8-4-4-4 (First line has 8 syllables of each stanza.  Remaining lines has 4 syllables in each stanza)
4. rhymed, rhyme scheme of aabb ccdd eeff.
5. description of a finished event (preferably something done is 60 seconds).
6. is best suited to light verse, likely humorous, whimsical or semi-serious.

Yeah, about numbers 5 and 6 – I heard Melpomene scoff “What’s a minute to the sun?” in my mind and knew Muse, being contrary, was going to kick “humorous, whimsical or semi-serious” to the curb. I just write the report.

My Sin, The Thing Tabu

My sin? The thing tabu?
Her white shoulders scented
Of the English leather and saddle soap
Of her recent ride

She was an ambush to my senses
A charlie horse upon my heart
Who knew she’d be my opium?
My sin, the thing tabu
Sprawled as languidly
In the warm hayloft
As she would be
upon cool white linen

This beautiful romantica
From days of yore
My sin, the thing tabu
Remade as my obsession
In the tumultuous now

One who now beckons
Just behind the red door
Her dulcet voice
My sin, the thing tabu
An allure as powerful
as any mythological siren

In the insolence of her love
She is my midnight poison
Borne of diamonds
Held aloft in indigo skies
The secrets untold of
My sin, the thing tabu
I now reveal.


Tonight at dVerse our pubtender Lillian challenges to use our noodles with famous brand names from three provided categories: Candy Bars, Perfumes or Cereals

The poem can be any form and any length you prefer, but it must utilize only one of the categories above. And it must include the word/words of at least two of the brands within that list used as regular words. Overachiever that I am I chose Perfumes.

My Sin
White Shoulders
English Leather
White Linen
Red Door
Midnight Poison

Other than the repeating line, all of the above perfumes are in the the poem in the order listed.

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Brand Name Noodling