Here I Start

I start
A new day
A new chapter
Filling it with words

Once more
Ticks its tocks
Daily challenge
Of what I can write

Will be – will be
This poetic month


National Poetry Month 2016 – Day 1

Today’s form: the Arun.

A nonce poem created by friend and fellow blogger, GirlGriot, an Arun is a fifteen-line poem in three sets of five lines. Each set of five lines follows the same syllable structure: starting with one syllable and increasing by one syllable with each line. 1/2/3/4/5 — 3x. There are no other rhyme or structural requirements. Today, I follow the pattern she’s set, left aligned and un-rhymed.  I will take a little poetic license again, in future runs of the form.


1 thought on “Here I Start

  1. I’ve never seen this before and it looks like a challenge. I am familiar with the poem’s story., but sometimes solitary draws me in like a mermaid’s song.

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