5 comments on “31 Flavors

  1. Congrats for having only missed two days – that is something to celebrate! I love the upbeat feel of this post, and the 31 flavors analogy. If I may, there are so many flavors of writing that I’ve read this month, and it’s been quite the tasting. I’m glad I stopped by your blog, and will again on Tuesdays.

  2. Hang tuff!! Drink from the fountain of youth and bring back that intendancy next time —Smile—
    I’m not saying anything about your age.. I’m 61 and pulling my converse out of my mouth
    Last time I did that there were a lot Senryus.. Taking a chance that you’ll see my twisted humor
    and not put my sneaker somewhere where the sun doesn’t shine…. —Smile— BTW congrates

  3. Congratulations on completing the March challenge. I enjoy your posts. The quote you posted really nails it. I certainly understand about sometimes just posting so that I can say I made it that day. I look forward to your Tuesday posts.

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