There is Noise in the Silence

There is noise in the


When nothing can be heard

There is always the

Thump, thump

Of one’s heart


From within

And in the muddle of it

One finds clarity

Even in a dark place

One just has to learn to



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Quadrille #56 – Muddle up that Muse 

Whimsy Gizmo, De at dVerse wants us to muddle things in a Quadrille, a poem exactly 44 words, not including the tittle – using the given word.


You like that don’t you?

It wasn’t a question.

The scent of them
Permeates the air.

Their ragged breaths
The silence.

Her hot naked back
Onto the cool rough wall.

Tasting her
On his lips.

Eyes wide open
In the stark pitch black.

She answers anyway.

Yes sir, please!

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