Some Shade of Blue

I would need some time, to give it its due,
It’s a daunting thing you ask of me.
The seas are more than just some shade of blue

Oh, how would I render such a vibrant hue,
When seas reach the shore at dawn? At three?
I’d need some time, to give it its due.

In colors cleaved only with God’s imbue, 
This palette of mine must try to decree.
The seas are more than just some shade of blue.

There are whitecapped curls of waves to construe 
As they crash against the rocks prettily.
I’d need some time, to give it its due.

Certainly more time than you’d think it’s true. 
Shades vaster than the horizons to see.
Yes, I’d need some time, to give it it’s due.
The seas are more than just some shade of blue.

National Poetry Month for 2021 Day 27

And today’s poetic form is a Villanelle.

The Villanelle is a poetic form composed of nineteen lines. These are arranged as five tercets (three-line stanzas) followed by a quatrain (four-line stanza).

There is no established meter to the villanelle – modern villanelles tend to pentameter, while early villanelles used trimeter or tetrameter.

The most striking thing about a villanelle is that it has two refrains (“A1” and “A2”) and two repeating rhymes (“a” and “b”). The first and third line of the opening tercet are repeated alternately as the refrains, until the last stanza, which includes both refrains.

With this, the pattern of the villanelle can be illustrated as as


where “a” and “b” are the two rhymes, and the upper case letters (“A1” and “A2”) indicate the refrains.

Upon the Seas

"Searching for Adventure" ~  Joel Robinson Photography

“Searching for Adventure”
Joel Robinson Photography













Upon the sea I want to be
Through oceans mild or gales hearty
Wave upon wave beckons to me
Aye, I want to be, upon the sea

But you’re a lass I’m sure they’ll cry
Who gives a damn! be my reply

Within my sites, new ports of call
The variety keeps me in thrall
I’d no stay more than a fortnight
New ports of call, within my site

My Da knows that it’s pull is strong
I’d drown on earth without whale song

When back on land I’ll be churlish
I’ll do what I must then off with a flourish
When it’s more than my patience can stand
I’ll be churlish, when back on land

And oh the salty words that I’ll hurl
Should they dare treat me like some girl!

They call my soul, the emerald seas
My heart eases in the breeze
Ship in full kilter, at the control
The emerald seas, they call my soul

The lace and parasol life is not me
A seafarer true that’s what I will be

Oh you nae believe? Just watch the sea

dVerse invites us to engage in a poetic flight of fancy via the whimsical and imaginative photography of Joel Robinson.

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