Pony Girl

We your mares tremble with unbridled desire
As you pace among the stalls trying to decide
Loves lost, loves gained, with sweet inquire
I alone have learned the lesson of quiet pride
I hear the call of your voice, but I still my head
For the taunt reins on my collar steady me too
And with blinders on there’s something to be said
For letting my eyes alone implore for a feel of you

As I exhale slowly enjoying the feel
Of the swell of my breasts constrain
Against the solid bones of steel
The supports of my corset’s main
My cups near overflow the leather
Giving you a most delectable view
You smile at my subtle pull on the tether
Knowing I drip just thinking of a feel of you

My wrists are love bound of course
And well trained, where you lead I follow
I am lead to sup from your source
A drink I so greedily swallow
And your liquid kisses dot my face
Oh what is a good submissive to do?
For I don’t want to squander a single trace
Of even the smallest feel of you

In the heat of moments found using weighted dice
I chomp at my bit feeling my tail unfurl
The tugs from the clips on my lips do entice
As you saddle-up me – your wanton pony girl
At last my love, my master it’s me you ride
It binds me through and through
Making every synapse of my insides collide
Now complete and full with the feel of you


Going way off-track with this one

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