6 comments on “Pony Girl

  1. Animal voice, yet yours as well, metaphor in leather, S&M in the hay where olfactory sensual words lead to visceral imagery; very clever, like FIFTY SHADES OF HAY. Thank you for the lengthy comment left on my site. Most of your questions had been answered in the 37 earlier poem episodes that came before it, It is “cinemagenic”, a poetic screenplay written as if you were watching the movie . Much of the plot comes from the existential Western manuscript I wrote in 1966-67. The technical aspects come from my being a professional actor for a decade, & a movie buff forever. If you dig it, take some timed to go to my archives & review the earlier episodes.

  2. Well, well, well… I’ve always wondered what it was about girls and ponies – we all seem to have gone through a phase like that, when we dreamt of riding, even if we couldn’t really afford it. But that would be the reverse of your poem… a sort of subtle explicitness you’ve developed there, quite clever!

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