Imagine I am Summanus

Thunder god of night

Full of dark promise

And surprise

Lingering in moonlight

Touching you


Reaching out with

Diaphanous fingers

Taking you to me

Let me gather you in

Gossamer arms

And hold you tight

Let my star-streaked tongue

Wax and wane

In supple poses

Over the blossom of you

And lick clean the soul

Of your body

Let my moon-body

Take yours

Mold the white heat

Of your passions

And form stars

Let me teach you

To suckle

The flow of the galaxies

from within in

For sustenance

You have known yearning

Known need

Known the hot darkness

Breeding fire inside

Let the chaos


Our joining

Personified in

Aurora and comets

But first

Right now

Let me touch

The life at your lips

And hungrily kiss you

Into my eternity


Entered in dVerse Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight Week 40