21 comments on “Summanus

  1. Almost “tsunami” spelled backwards, and almost as forceful, but in a much better way. Is “Summanus” an actual deity from somewhere on earth, or did you invent him?

  2. This poem is so freaking awesome…. I’m all hot and bothered lol

    Let me touch
    The life at your lips

    And hungrily kiss you
    Into my eternity

    That ending is just WOW…

  3. Let my star-streaked tongue
    Wax and wane
    In supple poses
    Over the blossom of you

    whew…love the intimacy this god has in store…smiles….like the floral allusion in that as well…cosmic kinda love you got going on..smiles…

  4. What comes out in your poem is so much awareness of what life can bring, its many ways of entrancement and entangling us in its arms. I enjoyed the metaphor of the celestial power bringing it all to you, wrapping you in world’s bounty.

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