Lock / Key

I had closed the door upon my heart and wouldn’t let anyone in
Trusted and loved only to be hurt swore it to never happen again
I had locked the door and tossed the key as hard, and as far as I could
Love would never enter there again yes, my heart was closed for good
I thought that tossed tiny key would be next to impossible to find
Then you came into my life without my even knowing changed my mind
I never imagined how quickly and quietly seeds of love are sown
But can I trust to give my heart again, letting go all the pain I’ve owned?

My love for you is growing, but can I trust in fate?
Should I take one more chance on love, before it’s too late?
Every fiber in my being, tells me this is so very real
But I’ve been down this road before, how do I trust what I feel?
When this heart of mine has been broken more than I can take
I have the fear of again repeating the same love mistakes
Will you let me grow so close to love you, only to let me go?
Or are you my life and soul mate just waiting for a hello?

Artwork: Lock-Key Female / Lock-Key Male by Wak

Resigned to a life of quiet chaos, I figured loneliness was my due
Never imagining the peace I’ve sought would be found in you
Wanting to prove how much I love you, so I did the hardest part
Offering what’s most precious to give…the opening to my heart

You’re my alpha, my new beginning, the door to a peace beyond
Everything I have ever wanted, have ever needed to carry on
I realized I was ready to love you, but didn’t know how to start
So I offer you my most sacred treasure . the key to my heart

Artwork: Lock-Key Male / Lock-Key Female by Wak

In your arms there is no concept of time and place
I’m lost to the passions found only in your embrace

Never would I have imagined there could ever be more bliss
Than the joy, the passion, the serenity found in your gentle kiss

Artwork: Lock Exchanged by Wak

Two lonely separate souls now joined, never again to be apart

Melting together to become one love, one soul, one heart

Artwork: Lock United by Wak 

All Artwork:
“Lock & Key Male” / “Lock & Key Female”
“Lock & Key Exchanged” / “Lock & Key United”
by WAK (Kevin A. Williams)



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