20 comments on “Lock / Key

  1. How beautiful. I’m at a point where I don’t know if I could ever trust anyone again. I’m so happy when others take that risk. I’ve never been one to not take a risk in love so this reluctance and yes, refusal even, is new to me, not the reverse. I have faith in the faith of others and this particular entry is like water to a thirsty soul. Thank you.

    • Thank you CP. I know how you feel. I have traveled too many painful paths, it takes so much to earn that level of my trust now. I envy those who have the faith to let people in easily. May we both find ones worthy of our trust and love again.

  2. this is truly beautiful…and its great that love does that…just when we have given up, shows up…and yeah we have all these questions but love will answer then for sure…love the pics too and they accentuate your writing well…

    • So true, Brian. Love does have a way of sneaking up on the unsuspecting, doesn’t it? The artwork and past love, inspired the write.


  3. Awesome artwork and words like a great love song. Really enjoyed reading, enthralled throughout by the strong emotions expressed in this one. It’s a good telling too.

    • Thanks GG. I actually own the first two drawings (Lock/Key Male & Lock/Key Female). I Originally had them on my wall facing away from each other with a flame mirror between them. I saw the arrangement a few days later and it dawned on me that they appeared to be withholding the “heat” and their love away from each other. I immediately rearranged the drawings so that the couple were offering to instead of withholding from each other. The process inspired the write.

  4. Touched my heart strings with this one. It also touches base with my latest piece, the fear of loving too much and being hurt when it all goes wrong.
    If there is any resemblance here to your real life, I am truly happy that you have found a love worthy of your own.

    • Thanks Tino. Now I’m going to have to check out your write and see how it compares/contrasts. The tale written was based on real life as this was mine once. I fully own up to my greediness and hope to have it again someday.

  5. This journey from question to answer gives us those depths of awareness when love once again surprises us with new possibilities, new beginnings. Your self-awareness of the heart’s cries and its needs is very powerfully drawn and clearly cut, visceral and aware of how deep love sinks its anchor in us. The wedding of male and female in mutual trust is so apparent and real.

  6. Oh MY GOD

    I’m in love….

    Breathless … because I know that pain. that wanting to be loved. That wondering if I can open my heart again. I’m nowhere near finding the one to whom I offer my heart’s key, but I feel every piece of this poem.

    Rai … I love it!

  7. Mi hermana querida, what a beautiful series to work off of. I am absolutely enamored with both bodies of work.

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