To Dream Or Not To Dream…

You unexpectedly run your fingers gently along the side of my face and, knowing me well, before I can think to question you about it, you place your lips upon mine and we kiss.


When we slowly pull away we are breathless and I open my eyes to the dark emptiness of my room.

And realize it was only a dream.

Now, I lay awake undecided.

Am I more afraid that I won’t have that dream again…

Or that I will.

Friday 55: Sweet Dreams

Christ! You know what it is – just open the damn thing already!

I hold the daunting package in my white knuckled grip a few moments longer. Everything changes with this.

Carefully, I pull the seal, empty the contents and hold the book in my hands, officially going from dreamer to writer to…

Published author.


Haven’t done this in a while – Friday Flash 55