5 comments on “If I Read One More Thing About Weight Loss I’m Going To Throw Up!

  1. Without even going to the link, all I can say is “THEY GOTTA B KIDDIN!”, although the ancient Romans might have been interested. As to “sexy” and “ports”, all I can say is, I much prefer USB (usual sexy body) ports myself.

  2. By referring to it as therapy, they euphemize it as therapeutic which is curing or healing of disease. Bulimia by nobodies definition is therapeutic. In fact, it’s a medically induced in this case….disease. I’m walking around in circles. Hmmm….It’s just baloney, which I would imagine is off the checklist because it’d clog the pipes.

    On a more serious note, when my mother was dying (of gastric cancer), she had to have one of these installed so she wouldn’t starve to death. It was ghastly. To imagine someone doing this to drop a few pounds to fit in a dress for a big event or look svelte in their wedding album (I’ve seen news pieces with those as the persons’ motivations, I’m appalled.

    I also hope they’re just as gung-ho about volunteering themselves to be medically de-fertiled (my own word, but it’s so much greener than ‘sterilized’) so they can’t pass their issues on to any offspring.

    Perhaps, not to put too fine a point on it, these people should be encouraged to do so, and perhaps if the worse case scenario should occur, that they not find themselves lauded as courageous for taking such a drastic step, but yet, truthfully, become another inductee, forever young, of a Darwin Award.

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