Warm and naked
In my darkened room
My feminine softness casually at rest
Across the soft quilting of my bed
Curtains open to the night sky
I contemplate the relativity
Of distance

Inches to the map
Hours to the travel
Days to the calendar
It’s all infinity to the spirit

That would happily trade
The cooling breeze of the fan
Across my body
For the feel of a someone’s
Heated breath
Across my cheek

The slightest of frowns
Crease my brow in fear
As my head questions
All of the unknowns
While gently splayed fingers lay
Between my breasts in hope
As my spirit wonders
In all of the what ifs

I stare at Luna
Thinking how easy it would be
To turn this into something
Of the purely physical realm
But somehow I know
My questions and wonders
Will be answered in its own time
For what was touched is beyond
What the physical can reach

And in a rare act of mercy
Luna lets
My heavily lidded
Eyes fall
Instead of questioning
The potential