Let Me

There should be no sound, so you can hear me
Yet I hear your voice scream out, in the silence of your love
Its timbre pains me, its timbre thrills you
When your yesterdays haunt you, in the restlessness of night
Would you accept me as balm? Let me be tomorrow’s peace



The Tanka is an ancient form of Japanese poetry. Tanka are 31-syllable poems that have been the most popular form of poetry in Japan for at least 1300 years. In Japan, the Tanka is usually written as a straight line of characters, but in English and other Western languages, it is usually divided into five lines, with a syllable count of 5-7-5-7-7.

The key to the Super Tanka form is that it is two Tanka written side-by-side. Each can be read independently, but must work together as a whole.

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