4 comments on “This Darkness Deep

  1. i agree with björn – that has a blues feeling to it and the repetitions work so well to make your point
    those darkness lurking is a difficult thing to deal with and a lot of light is needed to fight it – i know moments like this as well

  2. Depression ..a thief..
    in the night
    that seems
    to never end..
    but it can.. i know
    but didn’t feel then
    again.. Hope.. a message
    that no longer feels in the dark..
    Survival.. the only way.. to go on..
    Change is certain in life.. sooner or
    later.. and with zero feelings for me
    eventuAlly Change came..
    healing from within..
    nows.. and nows
    to go..
    to Survive.
    a wait of Life
    comes again..:)

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