5 comments on “What The World Needs Now

  1. You are so right. Our profile pictures could change every day if we listen to the news or read the paper. I have never changed my FB profile picture, not because I don’t care about what happened, but because I rather pray for all those who h ave been affected and pray for the world in which we live.

  2. I totally agree. Have not put the overlay on, because I am tired of the idea that that is doing anything. It is a “feel good” thing, but not a “doing good” thing. I will keep the bumper sticker off my face and with actions and votes try to do the most good. I know we all feel helpless to do anything, but that is a dangerous feeling to have. We cannot be helpless.
    That said, I do understand why others have added the overlay to their FB pic. There is nothing wrong with it. It just isn’t enough or all that needs to be done… nor is it really doing anything.

  3. Thanks for sharing this. I think you’re able to articulate clearly & compassionately what I’ve been feeling. A friend of mine recently posted that everyone who is “complaining” about the difference in response between the Paris attacks & those in other countries is participating in the same rhetoric as “all lives matter” vs. #blacklivesmatter. But it’s not about saying what happened in Paris is not worthy of our recognition and solidarity, or saying that it’s not as bad as ____. It’s this, what you say here. Asking where this was for any number of horrific world tragedies that have occurred lately, that’s completely reasonable. & necessary. Good on you for taking the time to express this. & thank you again.

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