I ponder the landscape before me
The heat blistering
Vapors rising from its midst
Near blurring my view
Like steaming asphalt
On a summer day

Then winds caress its surface
A summer zephyr
Hot in its own space
Yet cooling
Compared to the craggy topography

In the near distance
I can see the drafts
Bending the haze to its will
Its passage a forgone conclusion

Or so I thought
As one harsh gust
Changes the very terrain
Blasting away all in its path

Looking from the empty fork
To the mound freshly fallen
Upon the floor
It’s just as well I think
Damn food was too hot anyway


Happy St. Paddy’s Day!!

Today at dVerse, guest pubtender Kathleen Everett has prompted us to write a poem about the wind. I suspect a very hot serving of pilaf and a very hungry tummy that lead to some impatient huffing and puffing on my part, with unfortunate results, is not exactly what was meant, but hey – it works right? Right.

dVerse ~ Poets Pub | Winds of March

Let’s see how others are blowing their way through this 17th  day of the challenge:


26 thoughts on “Winded

  1. oh dang…lost your dinner..ha that is a danger at picnics…when the wind blows…
    we had a derecho a few years ago…to see it coming and the destruction it left..
    that was massive…

  2. This is so very charming–I am a big sucker for the kinds of heat waves you describe–I find them so fascinating to find in the air–and then so funny to have it be on a plate–very clever and got a big smile here–thanks! k.

  3. I’m a bit dull, so your explanatory note at the end made me re-read the poem in light of the real meaning. THEN, it was fun. Prior to that, I thought it was just going to be yet another flowery poem about wind. It was great.

    I would appreciate a hint a little earlier in the poem so that I don’t have to read it over again. Just a thought. I my last poem on wind, now that I think of it, I should have told more up front too, perhaps.

    • I thought about an earlier hint, but felt it diluted the full impact of the reveal at the end. I realize some may miss the “joke”, as you had, but as most seem to get it, so I thought it worth the risk. I’m happy you did enjoy it once you got it. Thanks Sabio.

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