8 comments on “in my ears and in my eyes

  1. Sorry for your loss. As you said, you and Lainey had a bond and friendship even though you never met face-to-face. Loss of any kind is difficult. Thoughts are with you and Lainey’s family.

  2. Yes, it’s still hitting me at odd moments, too. I didn’t know about the Remembering page, just that her main page was taken down, leaving only a scarcely-used one. I’ll go look it up, thank you for mentioning it. It is disconcertingly difficult to get my head around this, too.

  3. Sorry for your loss It’s one I think about but so far haven’t experienced. I often refer to online friends as friends without distinction and it would be hard to deal with a death of one.

  4. The death of a friend is never easy. We do connect in different ways with technology but connect we do! I am sorry for your loss. In your remembrance I know you will continue to find the comfort of her own words.

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