What’s The Story?

In the light of the day she’s a woman quite known, of beauty truly
Her eyes a most unique shade, not quite verde nor quite lazuli
With an abundance of ebon curls, a burden she called unruly
Affluent in riches and soul, her words are harkened most duly

Very few knew the nocturne song of this exalted magistrate
Her penchant for uncurbed appetites are ones many would berate
As the light faded the elegant manners, which many relate
Are in sharp contrast to her daytime form, considered so sedate

The few who knew would never tell, for they held the same prescription
To a peccadillo of delights, brought in by joint subscription
Sent in varying packages always with some vague inscription
The lack of which has rubbed a few of them into a conniption

But then rumors started to leak and some of them quite gory
What were the bundles with the odd leaf? Were they against the tory?
A press conference held for the purpose of restoring their glory
Was a sickening love of taffy, that’s the end of the story


Busy day + silly mood = weird last-minute posts

Let’s see how others got through this 14th day of the challenge:


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