17 comments on “A Moment

  1. I should have read this earlier in the day! I needed to let it all go. Thanks for the reminder, beautiful poem.

  2. Can we just chill for a moment please?

    Your use of repetition helped me “chill”
    I have been stressed out, so many thoughts in my head at the same time. After reading your poem through several times, I felt calmer.
    Now I will go and lift my feet up and put my worries down.
    Thank you for this.
    “Life is less about what we have to lift
    And more about what we find uplifting”

  3. I feel myself breathing out and breathing in slower as I read your poem. We do need to find time in our life to chill for a while each day.

  4. This is really good–and how interesting that, as I walked to the grocery store, I was praying “thanks” to God for being the “lifter of my head” (and heart).

  5. This was a great reminder and with the way you have written it, and the calming repetition, I could almost feel myself exhaling as I read it.

  6. I think I need to read this poem every day! The diminishing repetition (is that the official name for it?) works very well here, just like lessening our burden, you can almost feel the worries slipping away. And I like the clever puns – put our feet up, our worries down and lifting up and uplifting. Very nice!

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