6 comments on “Like A Good Neighbor

  1. We have lived in our small town for almost 12 years. In that time, we have been in an apartment and a house. In our apartment, although we had several neighbors, I never met one for the entire year we lived there. In our house, we had one neighbor welcome us right away. They were the kind of neighbors who helped snow blow the driveway after a big storm, who loaned us a lawnmower when ours was broken down. The kind of neighbors we always stopped to talk to and check in on, as they were an elderly couple. Our other neighbors we see a few times a year and each and every time we see them, for all eleven years, we get the same greeting from the woman. “Hi, I’m Katie. I live next door!” Just the same way she did on the very first meeting. And yep! I’m still Robin and I still remember your name! 🙂 It gives me a good laugh every time.

  2. Thanks for this memory piece. A couple of years ago I moved to a new neighborhood in our town. In my old neighborhood, if I left the newspaper out on the curb it would be gone within minutes. In this new one, if I leave the newspaper out there, the neighbors put it on my front porch. They come offering fruit from their trees and stand in the street and talk. When I moved in, several people came and introduced themselves. It is interesting how different things can be from one side of town to another. Thanks for sharing this post. Your experience is interesting, and I think you’re brave to be the neighbor that comes to say hello.

  3. I remember moving from the country where our neighbors lived a bit of distance…to the city. My mother waited all day for the neighbors to come welcome us. No one did. She was appalled and called this city the unfriendliest city in the country. It took about a year for us to get to know the neighbors and count many of them as friends. My mother took it upon herself to introduce herself to the neighbors by taking them some sort of food…probably cookies or banana bread…as she was not know for her cooking. So…I am not sure where the ‘welcome your neighbor’ thing is. I know when I moved once there was actually a woman who stopped by as part of the ‘welcome wagon’….and I had thought that was a long forgotten thing. As it is, we know our neighbors…a bit…not best friends…but similar to what you had…and for now…that is good. Thanks for the interesting post.

  4. This made me think of when my wife and I moved from the first house we owned. We lived on a relatively quiet street. We knew the neighbors to see them and that was about it. On the day we moved our neighbor from three houses down came to say good-bye and that she would miss us because we were such good neighbors. What am I missing? We never really talked. Got an occasional wave when passing, but we will be missed. Go figure.

  5. I want to be an exception too. I want to have a new family move in next, door, welcome them to the neighborhood, and give whatever helpful tips that I can. I don’t think its very possible to do in a building, but, like you said, you’ll never know until you try 🙂

  6. I really enjoyed reading this piece. I grew up in a small town in the South where people drop in unannounced and I could not wait to move to the city and get away from that! Now, older and wiser, I miss it. Your piece provided an interesting perspective on the whole “friendly neighbors” thing. Thanks for that.

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