4 comments on “Hello Sunshine

  1. Your post reminds me of a quote by Virginia Woolf (who I find beautiful in that Meryl Streep kind of way):

    “I do not believe in aging, I believe in forever altering one’s aspect towards the sun.”

  2. I love hearing your experience with the sun! You made me feel the beauty of catching a ray especially when they are fleeting. Happy time change. This one’s a little rough! Also… Love your post titles. Can’t wait to read more!

  3. I so totally agree with Elaine. The sun in the afternoon makes me just want to get more accomplished. Enjoy the basking whenever and wherever you get that patch of sunlight.

  4. The sun now is so warm during the day that I think if the snow weren’t on the ground, it would be downright warm out there! Dripping everywhere…but still over a foot of snow on the ground everywhere. Enjoy that glimpse of sun!

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