Hello Sunshine

It comes with the territory of winters in New York City. From early December until late February I have few chances to walk in the sun during the work week. The way my work hours run, I head to the train station in the mornings in the dark, and same thing when I head to the train in the evenings for home. Depending upon the weather I may bask in a piece of sunshine from the train to the office in the am, or perhaps a moment or so during lunch. But for the most part, once the holidays are over I am plunged into a dark gray, dank world for several weeks. I get a little tiny bit happy each year come late January when my trains ascends from the bowels of the earth and I spy a few minutes of sun before it sets. It is my first harbinger of the days getting longer, even if only for a few minutes and I’ll take it.

It’s only in late February that I start to get the same treat again in the mornings as I head to work. Last Friday, I caught myself squinting on the elevated platform as the sun rose was just over the roof line of the platform on the opposite track to blind me. I was so happy, I did something I had not done since November. I pulled out my sunglasses, put them on and simply basked in the glow for the scant minutes until the train arrived.

Then daylight savings time kicked in. I did not notice it on Sunday as it was the weekend and by the time I arose the sun was already out, but I sure noticed going to work in the morning.

The weather said sunny and 40 degrees. After the freezing temperatures and snow of last week, this was almost sultry. I walked out of my front door this morning prepared to don sunglasses again only to find myself plunged back into darkness. I mentally grated my teeth in frustration. I had momentarily forgotten about this nasty little side effect of the time change for the next couple of weeks. Boooooo!

Yes, I know by the end of the month the early morning sun will be cresting over the jagged horizon of the cityscape in time for me to catch it in the mornings once more, but for right now the sudden darkness again is jarring. As I do twice each year when the time changes, I wished we were like Arizona where most of the state does not observe daylight savings time and is not bothered by such trite annoyances. But as my buddy Elaine was nice enough to point out to me, this means more sun in my afternoons now and that’s a huge plus.


Let’s see how this Day 10 is shining on the rest of the slicers:


4 thoughts on “Hello Sunshine

  1. Your post reminds me of a quote by Virginia Woolf (who I find beautiful in that Meryl Streep kind of way):

    “I do not believe in aging, I believe in forever altering one’s aspect towards the sun.”

  2. I love hearing your experience with the sun! You made me feel the beauty of catching a ray especially when they are fleeting. Happy time change. This one’s a little rough! Also… Love your post titles. Can’t wait to read more!

  3. I so totally agree with Elaine. The sun in the afternoon makes me just want to get more accomplished. Enjoy the basking whenever and wherever you get that patch of sunlight.

  4. The sun now is so warm during the day that I think if the snow weren’t on the ground, it would be downright warm out there! Dripping everywhere…but still over a foot of snow on the ground everywhere. Enjoy that glimpse of sun!

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