WordPress recently reminded me that I have passed the five-year benchmark. Sometimes I think I feel every single day of it, but most times it still feels as though I’m just getting starting. It’s also March, time for renewal and re-awakenings as well. I figure it’s a good as time as any to participate in  the 8th Annual Slice of Life Story Challenge which is to post everyday for the month of March. Along with other writing challenges of which I am a part of I think I can finally ace this thing. (I failed miserably my last couple of attempts at this.) It’s day five and so far so good – yay! And sometimes, when blogging, you have to take things easy and back to basics…

So let’s start with whyRaivenne-lations”?

The name is just me being cute, a portmanteau of Raivenne and revelations, from back when I thought this blog would be less about me revealing things in my life and more about how the things in life reveal themselves to me. It has instead morphed into something part semi-stream of conscious and part the abject randomness of my mind as I relate to things within my oh so small microcosm of this world-at-large.

And the tag line? “Doing what you like is freedom; liking what you do is happiness.” That is there to remind me that one -doing what I like- is just as important the other -liking what I do- and to constantly strive for a balance of both within my life.

See? No lofty goals here.

I post – some of you read, some of you comment, every now and then I strike a nerve or a smile, and hopefully all of you enjoy.  I, the Gods, and likely a handful or so of you must be crazy, to paraphrase the classic line. Thus, I am very appreciative of those of you who arrived, read and have chosen to follow along this ever winding trail with me.

Thank  you!


Also, see how others are slicing it up this month:


5 thoughts on “Tagged

  1. This is a fun slice. I love your honesty about how you envision your blog and how it has changed and always will, being what you want it to be that day.

  2. I like this slice and how you describe your blog. It seems the great thing about blogs is that they can change depending on where we are the day we are creating.

  3. I found your blog some time ago and love your voice.
    This —
    “something part semi-stream of conscious and part the abject randomness of my mind as I relate to things within my oh so small microcosm of this world-at-large”

    speaks to me. It’s kinda how my mind goes at times. Sometimes you say things I’ve been thinking… So cool, I’m not alone.

  4. “Doing what you like …and liking what you do…” those really got me thinking. Great to know you’ve kept on doing something you like for the past five years. cheers!

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