5 comments on “Tagged

  1. This is a fun slice. I love your honesty about how you envision your blog and how it has changed and always will, being what you want it to be that day.

  2. I like this slice and how you describe your blog. It seems the great thing about blogs is that they can change depending on where we are the day we are creating.

  3. I found your blog some time ago and love your voice.
    This —
    “something part semi-stream of conscious and part the abject randomness of my mind as I relate to things within my oh so small microcosm of this world-at-large”

    speaks to me. It’s kinda how my mind goes at times. Sometimes you say things I’ve been thinking… So cool, I’m not alone.

  4. “Doing what you like …and liking what you do…” those really got me thinking. Great to know you’ve kept on doing something you like for the past five years. cheers!

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