14 comments on “This Morning I Woke Up

  1. I love the way this poem develops, stanza by stanza, with the repeated last line. Really well done.

  2. Rai, this is wonderful. Probably my favorite thing among everything I’ve read of yours. Just wonderful.

  3. And that is the choice we make everyday ~ To choose the pen, not the guns nor weapons of destruction ~ Thanks for sharing ~

  4. Pens are the tools of love and guns never feel love at all.. as the touch of death is on the trigger of ignorance that knows no distance too far to make killing fields come again…:)

  5. This is a wonderful poem – the form, the progression, the repetition of lines. And in spite of all the ugly, the pen is still picked up. The inspiration and heart can never be broken.

  6. This is one beautiful piece you have crafted, with an important message too. I hope we all wake up to realise that power lies in the pen, to pick it up and wield it constructively.

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