4 comments on “Time Keeps On Slipping…

  1. I am waiting for the first day of Spring when Rita’s Italian Ice opens with free ice for everyone who stops in. I don’t care if there is snow on the ground and I have to sit in a heated car wearing gloves to eat my ice. I will be there.

    As for a date not registering, I have not lost a spouse but have lost several family members. I don’t always register the anniversary date, but I do often think of them many other times throughout the year. They will never be forgotten.

  2. I really enjoyed your post. It had a nice flow to it. I giggled a bit at the eye rolling of the grown kids (yes, I get it). As for March 1 – I think it’s healthy that you didn’t dwell on it. Obviously you remember Bill – but it doesn’t consume you and take over your world… a healthy thing, I think.

  3. I remember a post I read of yours. I went looking for it, but couldn’t find it. Your words were so powerful…something about hands, a porch, standing in a slip…does any of that ring a bell? You will never forget Bill, but now you’ll remember more of the good days and not dwell on the day you lost him.

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