Talk Dirty To Me

superius and inferius oris
in tumescence
release a barely discernible decibel
of languorous aural emissions

All immediately negated
with the onset of cataglottism
to labia majora and minora

The effect
a highly desirous result
in the slow cessation
of osculation

The means of reduction
to the initiating stimuli
of narratophlia
via the buccal cavity
of a pleasing nature


Today at dVese we’re challenged to Systematically Derange the Language by trying one of 3 approaches Reduction, Oulipa or Surprising Conceit to create a new poem. Via a combination of Reduction and Surprising Conceit I create a piece by using dry technical phrases in a place where most writers are very fluid and verbose on the subject.

dVerse ~ Poet’s Pub | Meeting The Bar 

10 thoughts on “Talk Dirty To Me

  1. That made me burst out laughing… brilliant! Especially your comment about poets being very fluid and verbose on the subject. It’s like medieval authors reverting to Latin for their most naughty passages.

  2. The language one uses seems to matter more than the topic. While it is funny in your poem, it could very soon become tedious. I am glad poets and writers are more inspiring than biology experts.

  3. Yes, you use your lexical complexity to excellent effect. I especially loved phrases like “languorous aural emissions”; “All immediately negated” ; and “in the slow cessation/of osculation” where the soundscapes become achingly poetic. Wonderful!

  4. I am so glad I had several terms of medical terminology and biology. The poem was a success in this respect but like Gabriella, I like my poems to not be so technical. It does make think though, of sex written using physics and some engineering. Excellent work on the conceit part.

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