Lion / Lamb


I place my palm against the frosted pane
Sighing as winds blow snow drifts all around
Winter has cast its shadow long and wide

A summer gal, this cold has been my bane
Oh this winter has indeed been a hound
Whose howls I’ve never learned to take in stride

I look for signs of life along the lane
Hardly a sign of beast or fowl is found
From winter’s bite, is something we all hide

It seems so long since blossoms dressed my mane
And grass not snow was blanketing the ground
I long to see one budding thing outside

So tired of this chill, last patience tried
I smile at last for signs of spring are spied


dVerse ~ Poets Pub |Form for All: Trireme Sonnet

11 thoughts on “Lion / Lamb

  1. so well done on the form and i place my palm against the frosted pane with you.. so yearning for spring… yesterday it was a beautiful spring day in basle…today temperature dropped to freezing cold again..ugh…counting days…smiles

  2. spring will be here soon…thank goodness eh? i am ready to warm up a bit…and seeing all the new life…and the warm sun….ah….i am there…smiles….well played to the form as well…

  3. The first line is sublime – and the standard is maintained throughout. Spring will be here soon too – some of the trees hereabouts think it has already arrived. I fear that they will suffer the consequences – frosted leaves.

  4. Poor Winter — so maligned by poets. Always wanting something else.
    Just now, I am cuddling in my comforter with my lap top sitting next to my son. Window open, cold winter air drips down on us. Ah Winter, how I love it.

    But your song is fun and rhyme is fantastic — a lots of folks feel like you do.

  5. Is that a little frozen bird perched on that wooden gate there? I always wonder about the birds and animals…how do they manage in those extreme temperatures… Your yearning for warmth was clearly displayed here as you describe being impatient for the cold to be done with. I hope for all of you still dealing with the cold that spring’s temps will be yours soon. Really enjoyed this.

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