9 comments on “My Home

  1. As to the concluding stanza, yes, ultimately all we have is ourselves. As to the previous portions, it kinda resembles my home, especially in the sound.

  2. nice…i like how you break your home apart…the first bit made me think of our bodies…the veins…i like the perspective you give in int the last lines…i love sound too so i am glad you dedicated a stanza to that….smiles…my home is me…that way you can take it with you too…smiles.

  3. .it’s an art of living…a keen sense of one’s self as the center, home, a world within….that many find while others do not unfortunately….I like the way you describe your house/home as well…

  4. very cool take on the prompt…we ourselves the home…our experiences and warmth and with all the perfect and imperfect things…this surely has character…i like much

  5. I love this, yes, it is our bodies that are in fact temples. Take them where we like, it is where we dwell. Thanks for sharing this part of you, Raivenne.


  6. As I read the first part of this poem, my recurring thought was “I really want to see this house.” And then at the last stanza, I actually said “ooohh!” I love the idea of our bodies as our homes, such a clever metaphor.

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