Between Goodbye and Hello

Vettriano 'Back Where You Belong'

Vettriano ‘Back Where You Belong’

Wrapped sheets 

do not his embrace make,

Nor bunched up pillows

His body replace.


Has become

A cruel god

I bitterly worship

As my soul exists

On the dark stretch of void

Named I-80.


Has become

An eager lover

That I succumb

To willingly

As it is the only road

That bridges the gap


Goodbye and hello


dVerse ~ Poets Pub | OpenLinkNight – Week 85

6 thoughts on “Between Goodbye and Hello

  1. time as a cruel god you bitterly worship…dang…tight lines…and the road between goodbye and hello…nice closure that….the stretch between can be brutal…and i love vettriano…smiles…i have several prints…

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