8 comments on “In Love With A Guy – Well, Several Million

  1. I’m also glad to see that some people are still able to intervene in these cases. I might add, though, that many people are discouraged from doing so because they could be arrested for violating the civil rights of the “perps”.

  2. What wonderful examples of bravery! They are great examples to show students the power of bystanders who speak out against bullying…and that bullying is not limited to schools.

  3. Wow! What a great post to read! It can actually tie in to Women’s History Month, if you think about it. The way those men acted so bravely and kindly and with such chivalry honored and protected women. Instead of demeaning us or our importance, they defended it. What great examples. If we look around us, I believe we see similar situations more often than we realize. Thanks for sharing, I enjoyed reading this!

    • I agree! And I’m thinking about watching the Oscars and some of the comments of the mc! I had to digest them and then read thoughtful critiques and land with the opposition. What do you think?

  4. So nice. Doesn’t it seem like only the bad stories get told these days? Like, the teenager and his (very) bad manners?! If everyone wrote/talked about the good things happening in the world I think we would see there is more of that than the bad!

  5. Love your stories, especially the first one. I’m a single mom of two almost-men. I hope they would never be that rude but…I’m always so, so, so grateful when a man steps in and teaches them how to be men, or holds them responsible. It just isn’t the same coming from me!

  6. High standards for their own behavior, and others. I’ve been bringing up the lowest common Denominator a lot lately. Here’s to those who won’t accept that.

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